CasperVend² Feeling Lucky Chair (Networked, Web-enabled) バージョン 2.10r2

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Hi, and thanks for your interest in the CasperVend Lucky Chair, the FIRST grid-wide networked lucky chair!

This box contains a copyable lucky chair to be deployed anywhere you like and in as many locations as you like.

It plugs directly into your CasperVend Networked Vendor System - but if you don't have one, don't worry! You can grab the CasperVend system for FREE (see related items at the bottom).

It's fully web configurable - you don't need to put your products in every chair you put down, just set them up in the drop box and rez as many chairs as you like.

What is a lucky chair?

They're everywhere! They're chairs that - every so often - display a letter on them. If someone with a name beginning with that letter sits on the chair, they win a prize!

What makes this one so special?

Well, I made it! *smiles* but if that's not good enough for you, here's some other reasons:

- It's networked so you can control which prizes are available on the chairs from a single location

- It's web based, and gives you full stats on which prizes were awarded, with some pretty graphs!

- The chair uses only a single script, and only TWO prims, producing virtually no lag - just like all the other CasperVend components.

- It's got a sexy, modern mesh design!

- It features a "wild card", which will appear rarely and allows the first visitor to claim the prize

- As with all my other products, updates are free, for life, and you get fast, friendly support (although, really just about the product you bought, i'm not qualified to resolve relationship issues, and I'm not a trained vet)

- It's fully modifiable and resizable (The full baked textures are available on request!)

Please note: All customers who purchase items from us will be added to a product update and notification mailing list, which will arrive as IM's inworld. If you do not wish to receive these update, please simply click the included opt-out link.

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  • First networked lucky chair in Second Life!
  • Only 1 script, and mesh - only 2 prims!
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Plugs right into your CasperVend system!
  • Fully copyable - rez as many as you like!

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You can't make bigger just the picture!

掲載済み 2014/10/16 : LucyHope 3 星

You can't modify parts, just whole chiar. If you want a bigger pictures, you can't without make bigger the chair as well. You have an option to customize - to create from zero your own lol.

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I love it!

掲載済み 2012/01/31 : Lust Orchid 5 星

This Lucky Chair ( low prim) works with or without the Caspervend system, I have it in combination with the Caspervend Core vendor system and it is flawless.
Extremely easy to set up, I had it working in less than 3 minutes!
Support is great, chair looks nice...not like the cheap ones you see everywhere.....and there is even the option to hang a small display on the wall which shows the current prize.....a counter is visible on the chair to see when the next letter will pop up..
Get this one, it is worth the money, it is actually very cheap ..considering all the options which are possible when setting it up.

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販売元: Casper Warden

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  • 4.5 星 レビュー (4)

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