Celzium #00 (v.02) - Inworld Mesh Creation Tool - the 'cube' edition by Cel Edman

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Waiting for SL2? You now can already make mesh-models in SL, save them onto your hard-disk. Use them in SL, other games, or whatever. Build your own creative portfolio.

Celzium is an inworld mesh creation tool for SecondLife.

I got asked to make a demo version of Celzium 01.

Well thought about a tryout/demo platform, but I would imagine grievers standing in line, to push the Clear button all the time, while others tried to build. Tons of rezzed items, etc. nah..
Another was a 'free' version with a limit number of items you could rez. like max 5 sub-meshes you could build? nah.

So I decided just to make a cheap simple 'cube' version for now, see how it works out... and with those cubes you can already build loads I guess.
---I think this #00 will be temporary for sale here.. so get it while you can--

You can select from 1 mesh object and create more complex build with these, Upto 8 different textures/materials are supported, includes UV-texturing and layout. Upto 200 sub-meshes can be rezzed and converted to a collada .dae file. You can upload into SL, or like blender and other 3D software packages.

quick video demo on Celzius#01:

Celzium Introduction video:

The idea behind it is, easy to create mesh objects and builds. From beginning to more advanced builders. Its nice to have an inworld tool, from simple sketching, collision models for your more complex builds.. etc.

Can these shapes be cut like sl prims?
No, the shapes are mesh themself, low-poly mesh-objects including the UV-layout. They can be scaled/rotated/translated, like sculpties. In the future I want to add more mesh shapes and Celzium addons to choose from.
(There are some other tools around for 'normal' sl-prims to 3D-models incase you need that)

Second Life client
You need land in SL where you can create and build, and can use scripts.
The tool itself is 1-prim, and 1 prim for each for every building block rezzed (max 200+)
Only the owner of the tool, can use it

A recent browser
To convert the data generated in celzium to a .dae collada file.
Current supports Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera with java-script enabled.
(Not working (as usual?!) on the current Internet-Explorer.)

(information and more mesh tutorials)

For this tool I had in mind, simple/easy to use.

Cel Edman's Pixel Lab(slurl) - Claremorris (4,25,23)

If you got a question, just let me know, (when i`m not online; leave me a notecard)

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  • Celzium is an in-world Mesh creation tool

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Celzium #00 (v.02) - Inworld Mesh Creation Tool - the ...

掲載済み 2020/09/02 : Aja Dae 5 星

(Smile, Smile, Smile) Thank you from the bottom of my SL heart!

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If I had the lindens...

掲載済み 2016/01/16 : QueenStarFkr 5 星

... I would buy every one of this creators items. I am new to sl and creating and this is my first foray into making anything from mesh. So awesome- thank you! I also have to say I love the Scuptypaint program as well. Thank you for the awesome tools that really help open up the world of creating.

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Cel Edman

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