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Prim cloth removal script. This script is transfer only and can only be put in one piece of clothing (other versions are availabe).


* Fully customizable via Settings card
* Can hide or remove your clothing
* Fully customizable messages
* Can be disabled
* Sensations compatible; can emit pain or pleasure on removal of item
* Free Updates (join the update group to be notificated of them)
* New:Allow and Deny lists (better control over who may and may not touch you)
* New: Can animate your avatar on removal. Now you can e.g. express disdain when your clothing is removed from you

If you need any additional features or have got any questions please contact me.

To add this script to a piece of prim clothing please

* place the item on the ground (do not wear it; you sometimes cannot place the scripts in the item when you are wearing it)
* right click the item and select "Edit"
* click on "More"
* select the "Content" tab
* drag the script files and the settings card from your inventory to the "Contents" folder

The settings Notecard has to be named "RSettings" and should be pretty self explanatory;

Example settings line:

other,remove,Tear,%o% tears %i% off %s%,pain|10


other: everyone (but you) can access this entry
remove: remove clothing
Tear: the menu entry is named "Tear"
%o% tears %i% off %s%: will be whispered to the chat on removal.
pain|10: emit 10 pain to sensations on removal

Detailed instructions on the available options are in the sessings notecard.



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Slovar Flossberg

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  • 4.33 星 レビュー (9)

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