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GALLAND HOMES ≈ Come Home to Luxury.

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Galland Homes is pleased tooffer the Cloverleaf II, an original mesh release.

Please note that as of October 3, 2017, the Cloverleaf II is offered in a regular and a Platinum version. This is the regular version and your package will include two rezz boxes. The first rezz box is for a two bedroom home with the two car garage and the second rezz box includes a third bedroom instead of the garage. Both rezz boxes are included in your package. The Antique White Kitchen and Master Bathroom accessories pictured are available separately or are included with the Platinum version only.

❖ 151 LI;

❖ 143 LI;

❖ Landscaping and furnishings used for staging purposes are not included with this house.
❖ Neither The Antique White Kitchen nor the Cloverleaf Master Bath are included with this version of the house.
❖ Approx 36 Meters wide by 31 Meters deep - best for 3072 Sq. M. or larger lots. *A Free footprint is available at the store.

❖Copy/Mod/No Tran (Some scripts are no modify, which will make the package appear "No Modify" when in your inventory. When the house is rezzed, you can modify the home.)


The Cloverleaf II is a modern craftsman home plan which features two options. The first includes an open master suite, kitchen area, dining area, living room, two-car garage, and second bedroom. the second option includes the above, except the garage is replaces by a third bedroom. Both options have their own rezz boxes and are included in your package.

The design blends traditional European and American styles (Chalet, Colonial, etc.) featuring intersecting roof lines and eaves. Careful attention has been paid to provide for ease of traffic flow in line with modern design which emphasizes open floor plans.

Still, the home includes more traditional elements such as baseboards, crown molding, and other custom wood trim aspects like the included mantels.

The home uses neutral tones throughout and all walls, while mesh, can be painted by simply recoloring them. In this manner, you will not lose the baked in ambient occlusion (shadow) effect. Shadow maps for the interior walls are included should you wish to apply other textures using your favorite photo editing software. (wall paper, faux paint, etc.)

Finally, the home features custom mesh components such as the double hung windows, french doors, and the stable-style custom garage doors.

All landscaping in the advertising materials was assembled by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Design.

The house control system offers menu controlled:

❖ Security - Allows the owner to add avatars to one of two classes of users: 1) Those who have access to the house controls and land parcel; and 2) Those who are permitted access to the land parcel, but will not have the ability to control house features;

❖ Lockable Doors;

❖ Windows with privacy features (This model has mesh wooden blinds);

❖ Working fireplaces in the great room and master suite;

❖ Media controls for radio and tv (you provide the URL's) and the ability for you to store your favorite media URL's in the house system for continued use;

❖ A teleport feature which allows you to store SLURL's to your favorite SL destinations and teleport to them by using the house control system; and a

❖ Customizable security system;

The home rezzes using a reliable rezz system - instructions included.

This model may be copied and or modified, but not transferred.

Because Galland Homes' models are no transfer, they cannot be returned. Thus, Galland Homes has a no return/refund policy.

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  • 100% Original Mesh Design
  • 2 versions included! With a garage or with a 3rd bedroom
  • Open Master Suite, two-or three bedroom home
  • Custom mesh baseboards, crown molding, fireplace
  • Reliable business and customer service since 2007

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掲載済み 2018/08/30 : Shayne Hesten 5 星

I wanted a single-storey house for my land and searched through many builders' sims and listings until I had a shortlist. Walking around each of my shortlist choices, I reduced my preferences to just two. I went back and forth each one and every time there were qualities in this build that did not appear in the other. How did I make my final choice? It was simple - the other house was 3,500 lindens more expensive than the Cloverleaf II and the Cloverleaf was built to exactly the same high standard. Full credit to Robert Galland for being able to create an excellent house at a very fair price. And a great idea to give customers a choice - double garage or extra bedroom. I rezzed the 3 bedroom version and am delighted. Each room is a generous size, the structure is built with precision, and I will totally recommend not only this build but also the builder. Visit the sim, enjoy the creations, and you will buy something special.

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Galland Homes
販売元: Robert Galland

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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