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Xtreme Designs is proud to present its Advanced Club TipJar System!

These high quality TipJars were carefully designed by actual Club Owners & Staff and cost less than half of others! Lots of new features are included in v3.3 of our amazing Club TipJar System. We spent several months researching & designing this Xtremely unique system that not only produces NO LAG, but is Xtremely functional!

These TipJars have built in time clocks! They can message you in world or email you stats of when your staff log in / out and how much they made! Keep track of things going on at your club or venue without even being logged in!

There is NO other system like this in Second Life!


• Group or Access list secure logins.
• Managers & Staff simply click to log in.
• Color HUD. Change from a solid color to cycling neon colors easily!
• Display name & ASCII symbol friendly.
• When no one is logged in the Jar displays your logo or texture.*
• Displays your staffs profile picture or picture dropped into the Jar.*
• Auto log out. If your staff crashes or leaves the area you specify, they are logged out!
• Income sharing with up to 11 others. Easily configured via the menu!
• User Ban List. Ban specific people from using your TipJars.
• Last tipper button. Displays the name of the person and how much was tipped.
• Configurable multi-line hover text, hover text color, & thank you message.
• Private (IM) or public (Main Chat) thank you messages.
• Payment notifications via chat (IM) or drop down (Menu).
• Configurable quick pay buttons.
• IM or email to owner with stats. Feature turns on or off.
• Managers can add & remove staff easily. (Via Chat Commands)
• Total amount tipped can be enabled or disabled!
• Complete & total control over every aspect of the TipJars.
• Our Xtreme Update system. Easily update your jars if needed.
• Second Life Viewer 2 Compliant.
• Our new online user guide that is download-able to your computer.
• All features configurable via note card or menu.
• Guaranteed for life! We will fix or replace them even if you break them!

*Not available on all models.


Prims are copy/modify
Scripts are copy only

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