:D Sweet & Shabby Garden Dreams SKYBOX- FULLY Furnished, Just 217 prims!

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Garden Dreams.....


Little sister to Weathered Memories, this charming, garden skybox is sweet & shabby. If you don't like the view of your neighbors land, utilize your land for other options, or just value your privacy than you probably like being 4000 meters above all the chaos. if you find yourself missing the natural "nature" feel that being on the ground provides than this skybox may be perfect for ya, here is why:

This home comes completely furnished! It comes with everything you need for a calming, garden environment. Garden Dreams has a cute bedroom set, a quiet seating nook for just chilling with the bestie and a kitchen area for entertaining. The sun-room provides you with a slice of nature, making the house feel less like a skybox and more like a realistic home. The lofted room gives this home that warehouse/flat feel while the texturing gives it that comfy-cozy vibe.

The house has a lot of space so you can add your special touches throughout and at only 217 prims fully furnished (63 prims unfurnished), that leaves you with a lot of prim room to go crazy with.

Please note: The landscaped platform is optional. This platform base seats the housing unit but can be removed to save on prims & narrow the build slightly. Utilizing this option may enable you to position your home on a 512 plot, dependent on the borders.

This is a skybox- that means there is NO exterior door. If there was a door- avatars would plunge to an untimely demise and land right into their neighbors horse farm. The house is modifiable however- so if you need a door you can add-on.


Features at a glance:

Sweet & Shabby Garden SKYBOX. Features a sun-room, bedroom, kitchenette, seating area, & additional, lofted room accessible via sun-room ladder
Furnished throughout with everything shown here
Spacious unit, realistic proportions & easy navigation
Approx. 21 x 30 m with the optional base structure. Without the base structure = 17 x 29 m
90 m Security System
Scripted/ Lockable doors (sunroom door only)
Comes in rezz box for easy set-up
ONLY 217 prims (utilizing the landscaped base structure which is 8 primitives).
Copy & Mod with some scripts non-modifiable for creator integrity.

*Unfurnished Version is available.

Thank you so much !!!
::Creative Decay::
Evhalyn Serpente

Building & Photography

SecondLife TOS



  • Fully Furnished & Animated Skybox
  • 90 meter security system with eject option
  • Only 217 prims !
  • Comes with attached, landscaped sunroom and platform
  • Can be modified to fit a 512 plot.

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掲載済み 2014/03/03 : Old Newman 5 星

Cosy but not cramp. With an always inviting touch of nature, this is a beautiful and rustic space. Excellent texturing. Converting this to a ground-level structure present equally stunning results. Perfect for not only as a home, but perhaps also a chummy little shop. Very reasonable price too for a fully furnished structure!

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::Creative Decay::
::Creative Decay::
販売元: Evhalyn Serpente

この商品を開封して使用するには、Second Life 内の土地にアクセスできなければなりません。

  • 5 星 レビュー (1)

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