GREDDYA Outfit GREEN BLUE - Rave Outfit with Glowing Skirt, Studded Double Belt,Bracelets,Legwarmers

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Original woman outfit for dance, techno, hardstyle, jumpstyle parties.
Copy & full Modify for perfect fit to everybody.
Outfits are made from unique sculpties and originally textured with baked shadows.
twentyFIRST guarantees originality - unique sculpties, original new textures, no prefabs, no templates!

Each GREDDYA outfit includes:
- Skirt - sculpted and flexi, glowing parts, with studded double belt & buckle
- Sculpted legwarmers glowing, sculpted, flexi, with belts and buckles
- Glitch pants
- Sexy hotpanties
- Top - shirt +undershirt
- Studded bracelets fully sculpted

Sneakers not included.

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  • fully sculpted
  • original
  • copy
  • full modify
  • high detail sculpties

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21strom by Zuza Ritt
21strom by Zuza Ritt
販売元: Zuza Ritt

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