[DDD] Lil' Rustic Houses (3 Pack)

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This cottage was based on many examples of beautiful homes of Northern Europe where it is common to see structures made of predominantly glass, with lots of windows for viewing the gorgeous Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights Cottage features an upstairs loft, Living room, proper smaller first floor bedroom, and a semi-open room to the opposite side connected to the large 'hallway' where the stairwell is located. As well, there is tons of windows on the walls & ceiling windows!

Each part of this home is easily tintable using just the tools SL provided, and many of them would be fine if you applied your own regular textures as well.

The doors are "Kool Door" ready, enabling you to upgrade them with the Kool Door RP door kit available from Kool Mekanic, but will function fine as basic doors for normal users as well.

At only 13 land impact with a removable unique fireplace, we hope you'll love this cottage!



  • Low prim and low poly with high quality
  • 100% Mesh, Original design
  • Unique Design, Not Stolen, Hand-Made Mesh
  • Functional doors
  • physical walls

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Awesome House

掲載済み 2014/12/30 : Savannah Vielle 5 星

Had this packed away fro some time ..hidden in my inventory, took it out and set it out and simply love it, the prim count is amazing for the detail and design, please make some more homes similar ot this one>

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Love it!!!!

掲載済み 2014/02/05 : Neaira Aszkenaze 5 星

This house is just perfect! I bought it because of the low land impact. It lets me have more prims for decoration and garden:D But this house is not only worth it because of the low LI, but because of how it looks. It feel nice and spacious with many rooms of a nice size. Not the bigest, but enough for a family of three. Also you can tint and retexture and that is something many creators won't let you do, strangely enough. If you buy a house in rl you would expect to be able to put up anew wallpaper, or paint your walls right;)? Thanks so much for this creation, I have bought tons of stuff fro this creator, and will be back for much, much more! I think this is one of my favourite store in all of Second Life!

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[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
販売元: Anke Pancake

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

  • 4.75 星 レビュー (4)

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