DFS Water Tower - Barrel

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How to use :

1. Rez your DFS Well
2. Click the Well and choose Bucket or Barrel *
3. Hover your mouse pointer over the Well, and wait for the Sit icon, and click to sit.

Your Well will say :

Sit to start working..
Requesting bucket...

4. You will auto un-sit and you will need to wait a moment until the server sends you your item.

If you want to trade, you will need to rez each Bucket or Barrel. They come to you as No Transfer, but once you rez them out, and pick them up again (you may need to wait a few seconds for Second Life to register they exist) they will be transferable.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to have your Particles on in Second Life (256 is enough), because we have a captcha security measure in place :

Every so often a particle code will appear over your Well, and you will be prompted with a blue menu to select the corresponding code.
Failure to do so will result in a 5 minute timeout, where you will not be able to use the Well.

You can change who can access your Well in the Security menu.

1. Click your Well
2. Choose Security
3. Set it to Open, Group or Private

DFS Water Barrels can be loaded into a DFS Water Tower for easy storage (rez within 5 meters)

1 water barrel = 100 water

* Buckets are used in DFS cooking and Barrels are the basic water source for fields, plants and animals.


Digital Farm System (DFS) is a fun, interactive, and progressive farm system that allows you to grow crops, raise animals, fish, and prepare food from tons of delicious recipes, and trade-able products.
With DFS you can stock a store, own a diner, or enjoy a simple "getting back to nature" relaxing farm life.
Try DFS today!

Read more about the system on our website https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com

We have a great support group, full of CSRs and other farmers, brimming with answers to your questions!
Join it here : secondlife:///app/group/bcff7f46-c4f1-b369-cc41-a333e0d03802/about

Or you could visit us by clicking the link below.

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DFS - Digital Farm System
DFS - Digital Farm System
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