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Darklight Greeter

The Darklight Greeter has been made for the specific needs of anyone with a club, a shop etc ...

Don't forget anyone anymore:

The Darklight Greeter will greet your customers by sending a welcome message in their language via the local chat and a private message if you have set a detection area to more than 20 m.
Indeed, the local chat limits the distance of sending a message from the sending point to a maximum of 20 m, on the other hand, a private message has no distance limit.

A welcome message is therefore issued when the spectator arrives, only once so as not to spam him.
If the avatar leaves the SIM and returns later, a new message like "Happy to see you again..." " will be said to him, always in his language.

The Darklight Greeter automatically recognizes the language of the arrival based on the list recognized by SecondLife viewers.

All messages are configurable by notes that you can customize.
There are several notes that will allow you to adapt the Darklight Greeter to your needs.

11 pre-programmed public messages are launched by buttons on a menu.

The "Messages" menu will display the first characters of the sentence on the 11 buttons.

The Darklight Greeter includes 5 buttons on its front face:

1) The "ON/OFF" button to activate and deactivate.
2) The "MESSAGE" button opens a menu of pre-programmed messages,
3) The central "CONFIGURATION" button
4) The "AVATAR INFORMATION" button displays in a window all the information about an avatar on the SIM. It also allows you to offer a gift of your confection (GIVE GIFT function).
5) The "CUSTOMIZE" button allows you to adapt the color of your Darklight.

A status neon surrounding the panel tells you states based on color.

During my tests, in areas with high attendance and high lag, out of 50 Avatars, only a dozen were detected by the LSL Sensor function.
For this product, this was unthinkable and unusable.

So I developed my own Sensor #FULLSCAN #TechnologiK that can detect any avatar on a plot, or even on an entire SIM if it is not subdivided.
The detection distance ranges from 0 m to 362 m which is the diagonal of a complete SIM.

If there are different plots on a SIM, the others are not scanned. Only the one where you are present will be taken into account.

The advantage is that you will not pollute the other plots with messages that do not concern them if, for example, another club is next to the one where you are. Good neighbourliness assured.

In the CONFIGURATION menu there are several buttons:

• RANGE for detection distance adjustment.
• EXIT: To exit the menu once your setting is made,
• STATISTICS: This button gives you access to real-time statistics with the possibility of sending by Email
• PLUGINS: Addition and control of optional plugins, TIP JAR and GIFT GIVER floating explorer.


This note allows you to configure default values.

The Darklight Greeter has the free lifetime update feature. All new features will therefore be available automatically.

I hope that this greeter will give you all satisfactions, I await your comments and rating on the marketplace.


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  • Automatic reception of all participants
  • Customizable messages in all languages
  • Free update
  • 5 m detection to whole sim
  • Without overflowing messages on other plots

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Arlequin Carter's Production
Arlequin Carter's Production
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