Deimos | Sunray Smart-TV - Interactive Home Television バージョン 6.0

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Model: Deimos | Sunray Smart-TV v5.9

The Sunray Smart-TV is an fully interactive touch-screen television with intuitive graphical user interface. Featuring an eye-catching high quality mesh design with vibrant UV mapped HD textures, soft curves and amazing innovative media features.

Treat your self to the most interactive media experience in Second Life. Enjoy the action from many leading online media platforms, live streams, radio, games, apps, music videos, interactive web browser, mp3s, TV shows, high definition movie channels, Live TV channels and music channels.

The Deimos TV is available in 6 popular styles all with the same exciting features.

Explore multiple video menus dynamically updated with exciting new entertainment everyday.

No need for old fashion sync buttons. Deimos Televisions have V-Sync™ automatic video and menu sync technology giving you that real world TV experience in Second Life.

Nothing beats live video channels and now you can invite your friends even during a movie or video and when they arrive they will be watching what you are watching even if they arrive late.

Technology made simple, with similar features to a real life smart tv the Deimos TV makes home entertainment easier then ever before.


☀️ User friendly icon interface

☀️ Supports "Rez & Play" with no deeding required

☀️ Suitable for ANY land including Self Owned Land, Shared Land, Linden Land and Group Owned Land

☀️ Re-size using the re-size buttons (size = 1m to 60m)

☀️ Detachable Stand

☀️ Includes optional Land Media Router to connect and control extra land media features

☀️ Live HD Video Channels TV, Video, Music & Movie Channels

☀️ 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio

☀️ User Access Control: Public, Private/Group share

☀️ Mesh Design - no loss of picture or texture quality when re-sized

☀️ Compatible with the Deimos Video and MP3 Upload Addon

☀️ Upload videos and MP3s to the TV menu from your PC or Mac

☀️ Import videos from video websites (over 40 web video networks supported)

☀️ Parcel wide audio range and variable audio range

☀️ HD Movies OnDemand, Thousands of titles (live updates)

☀️ 9 button Navigation bar with auto hide feature

☀️ V-Sync™ automatic video sync on play using dual layer scripted screen technology

☀️ Watch videos together in sync with up to 100 people per sim

☀️ Player controls: seek, scrub, fast-forward, rewind, pause, stop, play, volume, mute, full screen

☀️ Escape Button: Quickly escape a playing video, movie, game or browser session and return to the search results

☀️ Run multiple screens independently or together in sync on a single parcel (extra TVs purchased separately)

☀️ Search media from the public chat window or on screen using Url, play-list, keywords or categories

☀️ Fast LSL Scripts: Mono: Script Time 0.014ms, 721KB Memory usage (No Lag)

☀️ Support for 3D movies and Oculus Rift Headset

☀️ Web Browser: "Interactive" access to ANY website with support for Flash Player, HTML5 and Silverlight

☀️ Game Menu with single & multi player games

☀️ Compatible with 3rd party SL-DVD's and Players sold by other stores (includes Media Texture)

☀️ Multi-platform Video Menu combining videos from 40+ video networks including:

YouTube, U-Stream, Justin, Dailymotion, X-Videos, Bliptv, Vbox7, Vimeo, Supervideo, Smotri, Mynet, Metacafe, Liveleak and many more.


Touch Screen land radio system with support for Shoutcast, Icecast, WAV, MP3 and Playlist streams

- Stream Menus: 18 genres and 100+ live pre-set radio channels visually displayed on screen

- Instantly Add, Remove and access your favourite radio streams on screen



-500 Million+ Videos On-Demand

-Geo Centralized Menu

-Replay, Captions, Quality Select

-Video Categories, Full Screen and TV Mode

☀️ Supports Audio Range Fall Off and Fade In selection [Firestorm Viewer]

☀️ MP3 - Milk Drop video effects

☀️ VIDEO ON DEMAND +Search - New videos and media streams uploaded and imported daily 24/7 (large video community)

- 50+ video and TV Categories - Supports AC3, 3D and Dolby Surround Sound


☀️ White-board (paint, draw, type, upload images) on screen

☀️ Audio Tool - Music creation suite

☀️ Google Drive

☀️ Google Sky

☀️ TuneIn Radio

☀️ Editor - Image

☀️ Skype Messenger

☀️ YouTube Music

☀️ Shoutcast Radio


☀️ Fast response, friendly support (English)

☀️ FREE replacements if lost

☀️ FREE automatic updates

©2019 DEIMOS

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  • Dual Mode interactive touchscreen interface
  • Real Entertainment - TV-Series, Movies, Livestreams, Channels, Videos OnDemand
  • Audio, Video, Apps, DVD, Radio, Web - ALL IN ONE!
  • Touchscreen Land Radio System with stream cataloging features
  • Rez and Play (No forced deeding) Router for land media extras

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Amazing TV wouldn't use any other

掲載済み 2020/05/12 : SillyGirlMe 5 星

This TV is easy to set up, add on was a breeze and movie titles are amazing, love this TV LOVE IT!!!!!

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Fab TV and Fab customer service ♥

掲載済み 2020/04/02 : Kalilelle 5 星

The Deimos TVs are undoubtedly the best TV's in secondlife. This TV is fantastic picture quality and sound with many other great features. Morph's customer service is absolutely wonderful and he has helped me with so many questions on so many occasions, providing me with replacements when I have lost them and updates when needed. Many thanks Morph ☺

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販売元: Morphix Action

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  • 4.87 星 レビュー (47)

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