Dracolich Dragon Familiar - Shoulder Pet バージョン 2.0

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These tiny dragons ride on your shoulder, curling their tail around your back. They curiously watch the on goings of your second life, casually flicking their tail, blinking and puffing smoke rings.

Dragon familiars are modify and copyable. You can easily re-size them to fit larger avatars, re-shape their features to suit your tastes, and add accessories. The scripts inside familiars are no mod.


– Each familiar comes with HUD controls for easily customizing their color

– Familiars can activate a dragon breath, determined by their species : fire, water, lightning, ice, shadow or stars

– You can speak through your familiar by whispering silent messages to it.
The personality your familiar develops is entirely up to you.


Updates are always free & automatically delivered

New Features in version 2.0:

– Familiars can sit on either Right or Left shoulder

– Completely re-designed HUD with the option to minimize to save space

– Improved particle effects and config options for smoke rings

– Options to switch between a flexi tail or the classic one

– Added sculpties to reduce prim counts and ARC

– Customize your Speech channel and other config options

– Optional notecard-editable greetings when the familiar is clicked


This item is NO-TRANSFER, Please use the 'Add to Cart' button if you wish to buy it as a gift. Please understand that no refunds can be given for a mistaken purchase. This item is clearly marked as no-transfer.

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  • Each familiar has an elemental dragon breath
  • Also flicks its tongue, blinks and puffs smoke rings
  • Can make screech, roar, growl, purring sounds
  • Colors and textures are customizable with a HUD
  • You can name your familiar and speak through it

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Awezome pet

掲載済み 2016/07/01 : Talu Alpha 4 星

Perfect pet for necromancers, it needs a serious update though. Havn't gotten the tongue to work nor the smoke rings. The greetings and channel speech works fine though. Minus one star for needing updates, may it be more features added to the wyrm, perhaps more customizations, flappy wings?

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M.. yeah.

掲載済み 2011/11/06 : Sakinan 1 星

Here's why the one star:
1. 600L minus the smoke puffin', blinkin and toungue flicking is just too much.
2. He's too big! I mean sheesh noone will take you seriously wearing this thing... I thought he was an intricate shoulder pet. But he wraps around your whole body from neck to hips.
Ok here's where legitimate complaints come in....
3. His greet option when touched doesn't work! People are supposed to get some kind of greeting when he is touched. To this day I can't get him to do it no matter how many angles I take with the hud.
4. I tried contacting the owner first thing, no reply. Sent a nc... two in fact. Several IM's... nothing. Now, over a month later, nada. Buyer beware.. with a picky, hud controlled pricey product like this you need to have creator resources to help out when needed.

I wasted 600L because 1st, I'm not satisfied. All anyone says is.. 'why are you wearing that thing?' or 'omg she has a giant dragon thing on her shoulder'... NO lookin' sexy wearing this thing, I'll tell ya that much. It doesn't work, no options like the others and no creator feedback.

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Isle of Wyrms
Isle of Wyrms
販売元: Daryth Kennedy

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  • 4.3 星 レビュー (10)

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