Eclectica Curiosities- Pumpkin Spice Set-orange

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Hello and thanks for being a customer, as I appreciate the support for what I do, and love knowing that my creations are being used.

There are a few things you will need to know to get the most from your purchase.

All pieces I make are copyable and modifiable. Please make a backup of any piece before you modify it. If you forget, right-click on the item in your inventory and copy/paste it before you detach. That way, you may be able to redeem an unchanged version if you have an oopsy.

These pumpkin spice tureens are original mesh, inspired by old ceramics. I wanted a crackled glaze effect with muted hues. There is a warm and earthy orange set, and a dark gothy version.

This pack includes a tureen with its lid on (2LI), a tureen with its lid off (2LI), a display cup of pumpkin spice (1LI) and a display ladle (1LI). With these, you can dress a table to make a lovely Halloween display.

Either tureen will serve a cup of steaming pumpkin spice to you and your guests.

If you wish to edit size, hue, etc (any of the prim parameters), you may do so by using the edit menu.

Tinting mesh is a little different to tinting prims, as each object behaves as one prim. So instead of editing linked prims, you will need to use the "Select Face" button to choose the part you'd like to tint. The separate faces on each object are:

...the main body, the leaves/stems, the pumpkin spice.

The spice surface has a little glow and transparency, and you may edit these if you wish.

The textures are enhanced with specularity mapping, and so turning on advanced lighting will help you appreciate this.

The cups and unlidded tureens let out a little steam. You may edit this script if you like to tinker with such things.

There are two versions available- orange and black. please scroll down to related items to see both.

If you need any further information, please contact me, Tiffy Vella, as I am always happy to assist.

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  • Original mesh.
  • Copy and mod.
  • Editable steam script.
  • Lid on and off versions included.
  • Serves drinkable pumpkin spice.

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販売元: Tiffy Vella

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