Elise FitMesh Dress with 256 Color & Texture HUD

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→ Casual Dress

- removing this from mp soon as it no longer fits my store grab up yours before - it's gone

Buying this dress is like buying a wardrobe of dresses.
Why pay for one color if you can have so many?
See the pictures for a few examples.
Easy to mix and match and you are able to save your favorite colors in the HUD.


- 100% Fitted Mesh Dress
- 100% Fitted Mesh Top
- 100% Rigged Mesh Dress
- 100% Rigged Mesh Top
5 sizes:
X.XS,XS, S, M, L + Alpha Layers
- Textures HUD (& 256 RGB Colors)
- Textures include black,brown,white,blue and more

Tip: Pick the white texture and recolor to any color you want.

Able to recolor top,belt and bottom.
See pictures for examples.


This product is |COPY| only and does require unpacking (able to wear and unpack)


↯ If this product is not delivered, send me a notecard and i'll redeliver it (do supply transaction details)
↯ Make sure you are not 'busy' or 'away' ingame when you buy on Marketplace (this could cause deliver failures)
↯ Don't forget to leave a 5 star review if you liked this dress good reviews are very helpfull



  • HUD with 256 Colors Spectrum
  • 1 Size FitMesh
  • 5 Rigged Mesh included

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Wow for this price??

掲載済み 2014/08/22 : Leah Chardin 5 星

Seriously make me wonder why I've paid so much more for dresses with zero options! is lovely, feminine, versatile, and look at the price!

others will make you buy the same dress to get another color. Thank you, this is like a gift.

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ILLI Footwear/Clothes/Furniture
ILLI Footwear/Clothes/Furniture
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