Emma's Coffee Mug with Sip - Add Your Own Picture

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This hot and steaming coffee mug (only 2 LI / 3 prims) can be decorated with your own picture / photo / snapshot / texture. (Some examples in the photos to show you what it might look like.)

It's easy - and don't worry about experimenting: it is copyable and there will be a copy still in your inventory.

1. Drag the coffee mug from your inventory onto the floor in a build-enabled area. It will be on its side - in the right position to attach to yourself for drinking.

2. Open your inventory and click the picture / photo / snapshot / texture.

3. Drag the picture / photo / snapshot / texture onto the white surface of the coffee mug.

DONE! You now have your very own personalised coffee mug :).

Now, a nice drinking animation is included. To drink from the mug, simply wear it. (For some very large or small avatars very slight adjustment may be needed.)

You can also use it as decor - perhaps set it on the mantle of your fire place or table, or on your desk, by the control panel of your space craft, by your favourite spot in the garden...

It does make a couple of comments in local chat - if you would find these distracting, find the non-chatty version here:


If you would like to see this or any other item not currently on show in the store, please send me an instant message (IM) and I will arrange a viewing for you as soon as I can.

You are very welcome to visit the store to see my other work of course.

Emma :)

P.S.: And I would love your review... please:)

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  • 2 LI / 3 prim coffee mug, currently white - for you to add your own picture
  • steaming gently
  • drink script included - now ready to wear
  • modify & copy permissions, no transfer
  • (some scripts are copy only)

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掲載済み 2019/05/09 : sweetsadietanglewood 5 星

Fits my avatars hand, she doesn't shove it down her face to drink and I was looking for something I could personalize and make copies of - took me a few minutes to find this and I was so glad I did. Can't believe it is free! wish you would add the $1L option so I could gift. Thanks so much for this great freebie!

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A Coffee that Speaks!

掲載済み 2013/04/21 : Gr0mble 1 星

This is a freebie item, so thank you for trying.

Then again, the mug itself speaks on local chat:

Coffee whispers: Cheers!
Coffee: Hmmm...
Coffee: Yes, coffee!

which is very distractive and not necessary especially if you want to use this item in a public place.

Thanks for trying though!

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Emma's @ Blue Moose
Emma's @ Blue Moose
販売元: Emma Krokus

この商品を開封して使用するには、Second Life 内の場所(サンドボックスなど)を見つける必要があります。


  • 4.2 星 レビュー (5)

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