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Make sure to check out the video!


Ennur Kalia is capable of spawning sim-wide scenes.
Due to their nature these scenes have high LI numbers.
A region that is a simwide rez-zone is required to correctly spawn them.
The ship itself and the external parts it can spawn are NOT lightweight structures either.
Below is a list of all the LI information of this product.
Please only proceed with your purchase if you don't mind these numbers.
I'd hate for you to buy this only to realize you don't know of any regions to play in.

Ship and External Parts
Ship: 250
Dock: 35
Deck: 24 (+37 optional)
Power Cell: 23
Simwide Scenes
Kanhark: 408
Derpetra: 348
Nixima: 251
Zaelden: 226
Hinawa: 428
Kutheca: 223
Virsilva: 452
Auramaht: 478
Acrimollis: 360
Cormatio: 287


Ennur has been an idea I wanted to build for a few years now. The project was annoying to put together but I am happy with the results. I hope you will be too.

★ Essentially, Ennur Kalia is a space ship + sim-wide scene rezzer. The ship itself is a single linkset about 104 meters in length. It is able to sim-cross without issues.

★ Ennur is able to spawn additional structures like a dock or an observation deck to provide more living space.

★ Ennur is equipped with powerful weaponary and utilities as well as various mobility functions. The ship itself flies using KFM. This allows smooth movement even for a linkset of this size.

★ Functions are menu driven. There is no control HUD. The ship itself contains all the functions. It is an independent system.

★ Ennur is able to spawn 10 sim-wide scenes. Each of these scenes have a 'hidden reward' that you can claim. In some scenes these rewards are locked behind puzzles. Nothing TOO hard. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Please see the video for a better explanation of what this product is.
I'm terrible with words. :V


Write an honest review and get 250Ls back.

Contact me inworld. :)


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Epic and a lot of fun!

掲載済み 2020/06/29 : Dantekris2013 5 星

A great thing to have fun with your friends. Especially if you like theme of space and travel. Highly recommend.
I noticed in this HUD a combination of elements from previous HUDs (such as Rift, Senusret, Starscape and Dreamscape. If you have these HUDs you will understand me. :Р) And no, don’t think about it. It's not bad. :) For all this you pay only 3,499 L while receiving a bunch of scenery for your sim, very cool gifts for completing the puzzle, an epic ship with many functions. Where at such a price do you buy something like that? That's right, only here.
I really like the idea of ​​the puzzle game that comes with ship. The riddles are not difficult, and if you are bad at it, you can easily find hints that will give you direct hints on what to do. This is a great adventure for which you spend about max three hours of fun. After completing the puzzles, you understand what... you want more. :'D

Next text does not apply to HUD, but..!

I would very much like to see something else similar in the future. Maybe even a separate HUD which will be a game of quest-puzzles in VOID inc. style (and if something like VC system add to this game, where it will be possible to kill some enemies with friends, then... Hohoho I will be ready to give any money for this. XD)
There are few similar entertainments in SL, and Emu is almost the only person who is able to great master of effects, scripts and presentation of her products so expertly, doing it as efficiently as possible, squeezing out everything possible from the SL game and trying to use it to the maximum.

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掲載済み 2020/06/28 : Neo Voxel 5 星

It really good ship and fun to use it!

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販売元: Rain Kiyori

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  • 4.84 星 レビュー (25)

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