+FATHER+ - Pandora Unisex Skin - OMEGA/BOM ONLY

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Greetings Sinners! Today I bring to you something different than my usual... creepy/dead/whatever!

This time I'm offering an adorable skin for you cuties out there. And... it's UNISEX!

As well, the new Bakes on Mesh update just came out. So this is OMEGA and Bakes on Mesh enabled! Coming with an Omega applier HUD and System layer skin/tattoos.

Bakes on Mesh system layers only included in the full version!

I have lowered the price of this skin because I have not included a shape/stylecard. Brows/lashes/hairbase are also not included! Thank you for understanding!

This skin has been tested to fit on Maitreya, V-Tech chest, Slink, and Slink Petite!

As well as Catwa heads and Genus Babyface/Classic.

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掲載済み 2019/11/03 : Ladybug Lemon 5 星

I absolutely love this skin...thank you so much for making it. I look forward to any more BoM skins you have in the works xx

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holy fuck i love this skin

掲載済み 2019/10/01 : EmoSong Lyric 5 星

LEGIT ONE OF YOUR BEST WORKS YET. It's sweet, delicate, but detailed in the right spots and just overall gorgeous on everything I slap it onto! My personal favorite is the genus version, it makes the lips look super cute and the shading on the nose gives it such a distinct but lovely shape, no matter what head it's on. \( ; o; )/ And not just the face is fantastic, but the soft blush across the body has such a cute vibe of like, just a general soft and delicate nature, whether your shape is skinny or curvy, it's so cute!!?!

THEN, seeing how it's Omega, I tried putting it on my Ravenbell BJD James head, and, my god, it looks really good on that too?? Despite being a masculine head and a rather feminine skin, the combination works perfect for a softer looking (or femme) lad. And the fact that V-Tech/Flat-Chested appliers are included and I don't have to buy them separate?? BLESSED. absolutely blessed.

Basically.. I'm not the best at reviews, but I hope all that get's across how much I love this shit. The fact that I can use it with at least three different heads I own, it looks amazing on all of them, it comes with a flat chested option right off the bat, and that the whole bundle is only 300L? I love it. I'd die for it. I'd die for you, mr father mans. I love you. I love your skins. Please making them forever. <3

also: https://imgur.com/a/6hmZ32b some quick little screencaps of how the skin looks on my different heads. uwu

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販売元: HatterTheMad

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