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FURWARE teleporter is an extremely easy-to-use, yet powerful solution for fast teleports within a sim. Configuration couldn't be easier: Place the teleporters in-world, done.

Of course the teleporters also offer further configuration options. The names of teleporter stations can easily be set via the station objects' names. Further options like grouping of teleporters, access lists and effects are configurable via notecard. Moving teleporter stations around is painless: They always find each other automatically.

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*** There is a video available for this product, see below.

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  • Completely automatic discovery of other stations on the sim
  • Dialog for choosing a target if more than two target stations are available
  • Automatic orientation of the avatar in the direction of the target station
  • Flexible grouping of teleporters
  • Access lists for individual avatars and/or group

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掲載済み 2016/02/17 : Trail Lauridsen 5 星

I love this little teleporter system. Sinister Sin made a review wich said that access list teleporting by username didn't work but i have no problems with it. Group access destinations also work fine. I like the many configuration options. Because i overly customise stuff and use this script in my old style teleporter i ran into a small issue with my own particles, for wich i have IMmed the creator and it will probably be solved. Overall i am ready to give this 5 stars and especially for this price you can't go wrong. Golden system.

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Works great!

掲載済み 2016/01/11 : Delmar Quintessa 5 星

The nc was easy to configure, my favorite feature is the access list.

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販売元: Ochi Wolfe

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  • 4.58 星 レビュー (12)

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