[FYI] Round Mesh Material Waterfall Cave Fire And Lava

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Arafina mesh crystal cave is filled with crystals, a few signs of people being there with wood, and a unique shape. It's a circle with a smaller, dark, detailed room in the center with crystal plants and more.

The fire version features reds and yellows with a lighter color scheme. It's compatible with the #FYICaveSystem, so you can pick and choose other caves to compliment your own custom build and link them together with [FYI] Cave Tunnels in the #FYICaveSystem.

If you don't feel like building, you can simply rez out the mountain version on the ground. If you don't have ground, you can always use the skybox version.

All three versions, the #FYICaveSystem, Skybox, and Mountain versions of this water mesh cave are all included.

The cave is roughly 50m x 50m x 25m and comes in around 160 land impact depending on version.

The in world demo for this mesh cave has the #FYICaveSystem version, you'll be able to see in from the outside. This is normal, the skybox and mountain don't have this. But it makes it easier to check out the cave before you buy.

Thank you for your interest!

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  • Material enabled (required Advanced Lighting Model)
  • Original Mesh,Materials and Texture
  • Builders kit, mountain, and sky box versions included
  • Warm and firey, evil, hot, and lava color theme
  • Compatible with #FYICaveSystem builders kit

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[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
販売元: Flea Yatsenko

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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