[FYI] Mesh #fyicavesystem Starter Pack

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This kit includes what you need to get started with the #fyicavesystem at a fat pack price so you can save L$!

This product is a part of the #fyicavesystem

The #fyicavesystem is a system of mesh cave tunnels, mesh caves, and mesh terrain with physics designed to easily let you build your own custom mesh cave systems. You can build them on the ground or in the sky thanks to our unique system.

First, start with a tunnel kit. We offer a wide range of tunnel systems to let you choose the design and style of cave you want.

Second, you can find which premium, original, mesh caves you'd like to pair with your tunnel system. There's a wide arrange of caves to choose from with several different themes. You can mix and match however you want, and make your cave system as big or small as you like.

Third, you can place your caves where you want, connect them with a compatible tunnel kit. The #fyicavesystem is designed to let you build a unique cave system by choosing your cave rooms and linking them together however you like with a tunnel kit. This is the fun part and I hope you will have lots of fun creating a super cool cave system that fits your tastes, land impact, and parcel size.

There are four recommended ways to build your cave system, though there's plenty of other ways to do it. They are listed from easiest to most difficult.

A. Build In The Sky: This is the easiest way to build, and it will work if you have no land or a small parcel. Simply lay down mesh terrain in the sky to build a new layer of ground. Then, place cave tunnel entrances where you'd like to enter your cave system. Then, link all the caves with tunnels underneath the mesh terrain. This is a great way to build because it's quick, easy, and lets you continue to build downwards. You also don't need land to build this way.

B. Crater Mountain: You can build on land and use terraforming tools to create a giant crater to build your tunnel system in. Cover the top with a mesh terrain kit, and create your huge tunnel system on the ground. This requires land and can take up a large amount of space.

C. Trenching: You can trench into the simulator terrain and then cover the trench with mesh terrain, feathering it in with grass, trees, etc.

D. Build your own cave mountain with an FYI Mesh Cave Builder's Kit (most difficult)

Building your own custom cave system is easier than you think, and with the #fyicavesystem, you'll have an awesome maze of mesh caves to explore for any reasons! As with all [FYI] products, they're entirely original, custom mesh designed for Second Life. [FYI] is an original content creator, you don't have to worry about buying ripped mesh and all the problems that has, like having your item disappear.

Of course, you can always just enjoy this by itself. It doesn't have to be used as a part of the #fyicavesystem. Though you can always start with something simple and make it bigger.

We're always looking for suggestions to improve the #fyicavesystem, so feel free to send us a message with any suggestions or comments you may have.

You can find demos for all sorts of products at the in world rezzer, or you can visit the store and rez demos directly from the https://fleayatsenko.com/ home page by clicking on the big "Rez" button below each product.


This kit includes:

Full Mesh Terrain Kit 1.6
[FYI] HD Mesh Terrain Flat S1
[FYI] Mesh Cave Builder's Kit LLI
[FYI] Mesh Emerald Crystal Cave For Builders
[FYI] Lava Cave For Builders

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[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
販売元: Flea Yatsenko

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