Halloween food: deviled eggs halloween version!

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Are you hosting a Halloween party tonight? If so, what special kinds of spooky treats will you be including on the menu?

...and what about appetizers? You could always go with traditional appetizers but that's boring, right? Spook up your appetizer trays with this amazing platter!. They will add an extra touch of Halloween flare to your decor and your guests will love eating them.

Deviled eggs, couldn´t fit better for Halloween!

Delicious eggs filled with a mis of tinted pates, mayonnaise and black or green olives inside, funnily and originally decorated to look as "cute devils" "eyeballs" or "devilish spiders" displayed on a beautiful silver gothic platter.

The Halloween platter when clicked will pop up a menu letting your guests choose between 3 different kinds of eggs, all of them eatables with a graceful animation, they will also sissapear form the hands themselves after some bites on a realistic way.

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Lost for words

掲載済み 2012/08/26 : G0ddess 5 星

All I can say is nice idea. I have never seen this before but now I got them. I can not wait to get these rezzed on Halloween.

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looked really neat

掲載済み 2012/08/26 : Charp Fhang 5 星

was looking at these for a party i was going to throw but had my doughts, but i got them and i was like "wow these are neat" they were a big hit im glad i got them

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