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Land impact depends on size, but around 17 in most situations per single windowed wall piece (10m high object). AO maps are included (4 blank ao maps, 4 textured, 1 bump and 1 spec map for floor and they are painted by hand to gain more older look). If you need better lod or it to be less prims contact me in game.






This product is full permissions for builders, so that you can use it in your own builds, and to be sold by you as a component of your build only. The permissions of components must be changed before selling with your product, you may not transfer them with full permissions.

By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms :

You can:

- Use these mesh object / texture kit in part of a build and sell that build.

You can't:

- Sell this item as it is, just as a part of your build.
- Distribute this product as a standalone with only minor changes made to the original state. You must meet the requirements of a 'Derivative Work'.
- Give away or sell this object / texture kit as full permissions (copy/mod or mod/trans is ok).
- Distribute this product with both copy and transfer permissions.
- Distribute this product as part of a freebie or any price below 10 L$.
- Distribute or use this product outside the virtual world Second Life with exception of the Second Life Marketplace.

Any violation of these terms of use may be reported to the DMCA provided it does not reach a settlement between the parties involved.

This product is copyright protected and anyone found in breach of any of these terms will face legal or financial damages!

© Copyright 2016. Icaland ind. All rights reserved.

Created & upladed by Ica84



  • Dim: 12.5m X 12.5m X 10m
  • Li: 17.5 prims
  • 5 faces
  • AO maps included
  • Full perm, 100% mesh

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Nicely done!

掲載済み 2018/04/13 : lildoggy11 5 星

Textures are really cool... low li.. and full perm.. totally worth...

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Gorgeous work

掲載済み 2018/01/20 : Geeinie 5 星

Not only is everything in the creators body of work highly detailed and easy to use, the creator himself is exceptionally kind and follows up with you about your purchases. Absolutely recommend this to anyone who builds.

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Icaland Ind.
Icaland Ind.
販売元: ica84

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  • 5 星 レビュー (4)

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