~JJ~ Nano-Linked Visor

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What's in this kit:

~JJ~ Nano-Linked Visor
~JJ~ Nano-Linked Visor HUD

Wear or Add the visor to attach it to the default attachment point or attach the item to a compatible attachment point of your preference. You can edit the item (resize/reposition) for your preferred fit. The visor is copy/mod so you can make copies, attach them and edit them at your discretion.

To adjust the color of your visor you can attach the included HUD. The HUD has color controls that you can use to tint the hull or core colors independently. If either the hull or core buttons are dimmed on the HUD that section will not be adjusted by the HUD when you select a color. You can toggle the hull and core buttons on and off to select which sections you want the HUD to tint. There is an additional button on the HUD that puts the visor into Nanite Systems mode. When this mode is selected you can still use the HUD to adjust the hull color of the port but your Nanite Systems LightBus will set the color of the core. This will occur automatically without the need for the HUD to be attached. Additionally, in Nanite Systems mode the ports will grow dimmer as your battery power decreases. This can be used as a visual representation of your battery's energy level. The HUD can be used to switch out of Nanite Systems mode and return to manual tinting at any time. To exit Nanite Systems mode touch the core button on the HUD.

If at any point your visor does not appear to react properly, try switching modes from core to Nanite Systems and back again or vice versa.


If you have any trouble, questions or comments, please drop me a notecard (and not an IM as those can cap and get lost easily). I fully support this product, but it is still up to you to use it properly. Let me know if something doesn't work the way it should. ALWAYS make and use a backup of your item! If you get "creative" and mess it up, that's on you. Although I support the item contained in this kit, I do not support any products sold by other merchants. You will need to contact the creator if you need support for those.


Thank you again for picking up this ~JJ~ product. Come by ~Jeanette's Joint~ for more excellent SL creations!

I hope you love the ~JJ~ products as much as I loved creating them!


Jeanette Doobie

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  • Nanite Systems LightBus Compatible
  • Changes core color via HUD or NS LightBus
  • Hull and Core can be tinted individually
  • Unrigged, copy and mod to fit where you want!
  • Animated Display (touch to toggle)

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~Jeanette's Joint~
~Jeanette's Joint~
販売元: Jeanette Doobie

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