JoJo-Green Pet Toy By Vavoom! Boxed - Toys and Accessories for Virtual Kennel Club (VKC®) Pets - No Training Required

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Vavoom! Toys for VKC® Pets have their own custom toy script which isn't found in other toys. You don't need to type commands or teach your pets a trick to play with Vavoom! Toys.

Click on the toy and hold down the left mouse button, drag the toy a little and let go. When you see the Drop Down Menu, choose the pet that you want to play with and that's it.

The pet will go over to the toy, pick it up, come to you, wag his tail, bark and drop the toy.


Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't type the command to have your pet fetch the toy, that will work too. Try telling him to get the toy.

For example:

joey get stick

If you want the pet to simply carry the toy around, tell the pet to take it.

For example:

joey take bone

When you want him to drop the toy, you tell him to drop it.

For example:

joey drop

Vavoom! Accessories for VKC Pets are copiable, but if you do happen to lose one or more of them you can reclaim them from my store at Turing Isle using the Update Stations. Likewise from time to time when I update the toy or the code, you can get free updated versions of your Vavoom! Accessories.



Prim - copy/mod.
Script - copy only.


For more examples of my products please visit my Main Store in SL or my web site.
Main Store:
Web Site: http://

Vavoom! is a member of the VKC Registered Accessory Creator Program.

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  • One Prim
  • VKC® Toy System 2
  • Backwards compatible with older VKC Dogs
  • Free Updates
  • VKC Registered Accessory Creator

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販売元: Chiva Vavoom

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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