Karikko MERFOLK Saddled Seahorse 1.2 (PINK) w Netting

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MERFOLK means this seahorse is designed with merfolk in mind. So you can ride it while wearing your undersea tails !

Netting is the flexi prim nets , seashells and "fluff" off the back of the saddle ( see pictures )

All our diver seahorses have our famous saddles and bridles and an UPDATED FLOAT ANIMATION !

These have Beautiful blue Mermaid scales, lagoon & diamond emblem, nautilus shells, sea shells, netting, sculpted starfish and so much more !

( yes another update, and we promise this is the last one for a while ! )

Each seahorse comes with Copy Modify permissions, fantastic Textures by Gunnar Bekkers, and amazing details that must be seen to be believed !.

The upgraded float ride is softer and slower, much like the gentle ride of a fishing boat. See our demo ! it's upgraded too !

Beautiful Seahorses ! To see more colors Visit out store by typing in -- seahorse

PS. If you Already bought a "rideable seahorse" between February 1 & April 14th 2012. You can get an updated Seahorse FREE ! Just drop us a notecard with your name and if we can verify the sale ? You get a free seahorse !



  • copy / modify perms to easy fit
  • color the fins any color you want !
  • Saddled details like no other in SL !
  • Flexi fins and bubble sounds !
  • wearable, driveable undersea fun !

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Dragonsfyre Horses, Pets, and More !
Dragonsfyre Horses, Pets, and More !
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