*LBD* Next Mesh & System Eyes - 40 Pack with Appliers

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Take a peek at these cute peepers!

You are buying the fat pack of 40 natural looking eyes with beautiful highlights and realistic shadows. Pick your shade - there's one to suit every mood.

The system eyes are easy to wear, and are mod/copy, so you can subtly adjust the base colouring. The mesh eyes are HUD driven and are unrigged, so you can adjust them as needed. Mesh contact lenses are provided too - the are also HUD driven and being mod/copy, you can make them transparent to adjust the colour of the eyes you are already wearing.

Mesh eyes & contact lenses use materials for a realistic shine - make sure you have your graphics set high enough to enjoy it.

The HUD provided is Omega compatible - I use it with the Catwa Helena head (shown in the pictures) and the provided mesh eyes and it works beautifully (just make sure you have the appropriate Omega relay for your mesh.

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  • Fully mod/copy system eyes
  • Mesh eyes & contact lenses are HUD driven, and are mod/copy
  • Omega compatible HUD is copy only
  • Mesh contact lenses can be made transparent
  • Mesh eyes & contact lenses use materials for a realistic shine

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The Little Black Dress
The Little Black Dress
販売元: Peony Sweetwater

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