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Have you ever wished you could change your ground texture?
Ever spent hours or days trying to create land for a skybox?
Have you ever wished shadows didnt float stupidly in mid air?
Tired of having only 4 textures to choose from on your island?

Introducing JVTEK LandMap, a tool which can solve all these problems
and many more, quickly, easily, and without the need of admin powers!
(See the video link at the bottom of page to watch LandMap in action.)


How It Works:
LandMap allows you to change your ground texture by using the power
of sculpted prims. LandMap scans the ground mesh and creates
sculpted prims which precisely cover the existing ground like a blanket.

This allows you to customize and change your ground texture at will.
You can add special effects like glow or shine to your ground.
You can even SCRIPT your ground or apply a media texture to it.


Easy To Use:
LandMap has been designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind
as the #1 priority. You can change your ground texture in just a few
minutes because all of the sculpt making, prim rezing, prim positioning,
and prim texture aligning is done for you. You simply place and size
the scan areas where you want them, lock the scanners, upload the
sculpt images and drag them from your inventory onto the scanners.


Selectively Change Ground Textures:
LandMap allows you to selectively customize your ground texture from
a 4x4 meter patch up to a whole sim. Any shape you can make with
parcel boundaries you can also create with LandMap. You are not
constrained to 4 textures per sim, nor are you constrained to elevation
changes like with standard island ground textures. This makes LandMap
ideal for both renters and sim owners alike. Want a little snow or dirt
somewhere but not over the whole sim? No problem! Want to customize
your 512m parcel? You can do all of this easily with this powerful tool.


Realistic shadows:
One of the great uses for LandMap is creating realistic shadows.
Have you ever bought a tree that has a tree shadow with it only to find
in dismay that the shadow is on a flat prim and floats in mid air because
your tree is on a hill? LandMap can solve this problem easily by creating
a custom sculptie which will bend the shadow to match the ground shape.
(Example of this is shown in the images section.) This same principle
can be used to create streams or paths that hug the contour of the ground
while using minimal prims. Combining alpha textures onto LandMap
sculpties opens even more possibilities for creativity and realism.


Create Skybox Terrain:
Because LandMap copies existing ground into sculpt form you can use the
sculpted prims elsewhere such as in a skybox. This creates realistic
looking ground for skyboxes instead of the lumpy mashed together or 100%
flat ground most skyboxes have and can create a much more realistic effect.

Please note however that due to a technical limitation of SL, sculpted prims
should remain phantom and can not be walked on. If you would like to walk
on your skybox ground you can make a custom area to walk on under the
LandMapped prims out of invisible prims and maintain the smooth clean
and realistic look of the land. This does require more prims, however.


Advanced Custom Textures:
Know your way around photoshop? LandMap provides you the ability to
create custom textures and literally paint your land however you see fit.
You can create alpha textures or even animated textures for flowing
streams etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
(No support will be given for of Photoshop or custom texture creation.)


Prim Requirements:
For Setup: 1 Prim + (7 Prims Per Scanner Used)

A mininum of 8 prims is required for setup.
Prim count will vary based on number of scanners used.
One prim per scanner used remains when finished.


Notes On Sculpted Prims:
Each scanner creates one UNIQUE full perm sculpted prim to upload.
You are responsible for the upload fee on sculpted prims. ($10L Per Prim)

For example, if you use 4 scanners, it will cost you $40L to upload the 4 sculpties.


Other Notes:
To achieve the best looking results it is recomended to have terraform power on your land.
While this is not needed to use landmap it helps greatly to fix minor problem areas.

LandMap uses prims to cover your land, if you use a very low draw distance
you may not be able to see all of your ground cover at once.

LandMap can cause minor issues with the rezzing of objects on scupted prims.
Objects can be rezed off the LandMapped areas, then moved onto them and used normally.

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  • Easily change your ground texture. - NO ADMIN POWERS NEEDED!
  • Selectively re-texture your land as small as 4x4m to a whole sim.
  • Copy existing terrain for use as landscaping in sky boxes or elsewhere.
  • Map areas below trees to make tree shadows follow ground contours.
  • EASY TO USE! - Builds, positions and texture aligns sculpties for you.

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Absolutely Amazing!!!

掲載済み 2021/10/16 : Victoria Woodsprite 5 星

Once in a Blue Moon you come across a very awesome tool on SL & this is one of those tools

A neighbour at my new place uses the JVTEK LandMap I thought it looks amazing & thought I want to try it. & since we are direct neighbours I thought it would be nice if our lands somehow matched. So I asked her what textures she was using & then went on to shape the land..
afterwards I rezzed the scanners, created the skulpts & used the same textures as my neighbour
if you look at this you can see how her place looks which I thought was awesome:
and this is how my land looks now next to hers:
I think it turned out quite well, even with my limited terraforming skills & it was so easy to use

In my opinion this is an amazing tool & you can not say anything about the price. In fact I'm surprised that you can get it for this price.

If I could I would give it 10 Stars

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Buy it, it's the best thing I ever bought in 14 years of being in SL!

掲載済み 2021/06/06 : Dawny Daviau 5 星

I bought this 8 years ago and still now in 2021 it works incredible well. IF you have any doubts don't as it is worth it and certainly not expensive! From 2013 till now 2021 the best buy I have ever done!

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販売元: Jathra Vanmoer

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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