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Naima Las Islas is proud to present the new Mesh Grass set .

These grass patches are modifiable so to allow for stretching and cover larger areas to populate and simulate dense vegetation zones and thanks to the lods implemented they will not disappear from distance and still preserve a low prim impact .

In the box:
Several shapes and variations with or without animation and three different texture tones according to the needs , Emerald, Green and Dry.

Those advanced mesh bushes have different features :
- leaves animation option
- Always visible from maximum distance lods
- three color variations
- low prim

The sets include all options, with or without animations , sometimes the scripts inside might slightly increase prim count .

Important :
For best view put maximum level of detail !

Mod | Copy | No Trans

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  • Low Prim
  • Animated fronds
  • lods
  • color variations

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Great grass for your beach area

掲載済み 2020/04/30 : dragonwomyn Aristocrat 5 星

This high quality variety of grasses work well with any sim environment. It doesn't look disoriented when placed. Recently purchased for my beach themed sim. Accidentally purchased this grass twice. Once in world and I forgot to take the grass out of my cart! In away it allows me to write a review on the product. It doesn't disappoint.

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So real looking

掲載済み 2017/03/22 : Msblu Moonwall 5 星

He gives you many options for tall/short or medium, then dense or simple spread of grass. I love that there are static as well. I like combining the two and it makes it look so wonderful. Look at his SIM and you'll be getting these. TY for the wonderful designs.

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Naima Las Islas
Naima Las Islas
販売元: Naiman Broome

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