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Naima Las Islas is proud to present the new Mesh Seamless Shoreline System.

What Is this product?

Is a new innovative system to create seamless sandy beach shorelines with precise collision , no poor looking intersections , realistic animations and a perfect alignment to create all possible Shore shapes and Islands.

The Shorelines are recreated after real Tropical coralline sandy beach.

Why no mod?

The Items are no mod because they feature precise customized textures as well as precise dimensions that allow perfect alignment. Any change to this would break the seamless effect and look . Neither it would be good to just drop a texture on them because they would not be customized and not look good.
But fear not , the beaches feature two menus one for the sand beach to customize the type with properly made transitions and white sand option from grassy sand to smooth shores.
The waves also present several presets just like my other waves products, they are precisely aligned to the shore to follow its shape featuring a Wet sand effect and a looping realistic shore wash and backwash .


Features :

* Precise Collision

* Customized Texture

* Sand menu selector

* Sand Tint selector

* Wave preset selector

* Wet wash and backwash effect

* Wet sand effect

* Seamless easy alignment system

* Perfect Lods visible at all distances

* Half Height option

View it in action :


How to Use :

The Shorelines are made of precise box to align one with the other, for this a box system was created so that you just need to rez and align those first .

Short Version :

1 Rez the box,
2 click ,
3 rez the shoreline ,
4 save ,
5 delete the box .


This package Includes all possible shapes and prim count ranges from 3 to 15 .

It costed 6 months of work for being created .
I really hope you enjoy it .

Naiman Broome

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  • Seamless transitions
  • Precise collision
  • Low Prim
  • Animated Water was and backwash
  • Texture menus and presets

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掲載済み 2016/04/08 : Amaia Firanelli 5 星

They line-up really well and look amazing. Also, Naima is wonderfully helpful. I had issues figuring out blending and he came and helped me out.<3

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PERFECT, as always

掲載済み 2016/04/07 : Eclair Martinek 5 星

again - another outstanding product. Have a look at the sim to see this product - so much better than a photo. Then - buy it.

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Naima Las Islas
Naima Las Islas
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