test バージョン 0.91a BETA [01/05/2020]

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ANOTHER AMAZING UPDATE 1/5/2020 Version 0.91a BETA


-5% Increased to 10% group tag discount HUGE SAVINGS
- Limited Edition Golden Dragon Trophy!

Ever wanted to be a fierce or a cute draggo without the frustration of large avatars? Do you like to collect awesome dragons and customization? Well I love dragons so I wanted to share my passion with you! This is the best in class first BoM supported dragon avatar on SL with a huge amount of features! With lots of hard work I managed to create a fine addition the the SL universe with some lovely game ready dragons. This is a efficient design with loads of capabilities, sounds, animations, modification points, and most of all...so easy to use a noob can do it!

This is just a BETA release and will continue to evolve as I roll out updates and features. The price is discounted until official release and there are stacking discounts during the Christmas holiday events, so come get your awesome dragon now!

*This comes with many amazing layers of BoM skin parts which give you UNLIMITED color options. Unlike traditional avatars, there are no limitations to color combinations.. Create and show off your awesome Lizard Dragon :)

Any questions? Just ask rancorwilds resident, this will be a super fun avatar to play with!

*You must be using a BoM enabled viewer to use this product effectively*

NEW 0.91 RELEASE NOTES 1/2/2020



So easy a noob can do it!
4K TextureMaps
New fully wings mesh with full animation bones support
Bento avatar - Works with avatar sliders
Great for RP - Includes: Emotes, Actions, Expressions, and Skills
Individual BoM layers for total control of your appearance
Sound Effects
Character Particles
Animated tattoo layer effects
AO with all custom hand made animations [Very Rocky atm, they were rushed but will be polished]
Bi-ped and quad-ped ready (needs more AO work, super time consuming but I will be working on it!)
Optional parts such as Cell Shader
Now comes with an large 3x scaled dragon size
Nose and tail spare attachment points for cool items!
Includes link to texture/uvmaps photoshop file

-Comes with a FREE nose bouncy ball!

[WIP planned features]

-Multi sized avatars for macro and mini with full avatar support
-Refined animations and additions to AO
-More skills!
-More emotes!
-More actions and dances!
-More skins
-More BoM layers and parts to customize
-Macro and mini dragon sizes
-Much polishing and cleanup
-Amazing artwork
-Saddle Addons
-Much more shiney dragony things

Free Lifetime Updates <3
Free support through Discord

Second Life ® の商品を表示



  • Complete Bakes on Mesh support!
  • 100% Bento mesh avatar
  • Low complexity and lightweight
  • Emotes + Actions + Dances // RP HUD
  • Attack skills, totally mod, best in class

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掲載済み 2020/04/28 : Pablo Quintus 5 星

I'm writing this while the product still on BETA!
Animations need to be improved, specially the flying ones. If these are improved, I feel it will be the best dragon on SL thus far. Animations are the only thing breaking immersion so far, this product has great potential, keep up the great work!

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Visually pretty

掲載済み 2020/04/24 : Nyx Ravenhurst 3 星

It looks very nice, and one of the nicest dragons on the market. But the AO leaves very much to be desired, to the point I actually may not use it much unless the AO gets an update. Also the front feet look a little wonky. Disappointed I spent so much on it :/

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Dragons Arise
Dragons Arise
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