Luskwood LuskToons Black And White Bat Avatar - Complete Furry Avatar

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Luskwood LuskToons Bat Avatar

( Black And White Bat - Unisex )

Modeling, Textures, Design and Concept by Satch Flan
Scripts and Effects by Michi Lumin, Liam Roark and Eltee Statosky

Complete furry avatar with:

-Selectable eye states.
-Extending animated wings.
-"Encrypted" BatChat (only other bats can hear it!)*
-Sonar screen shows heading, and other bats in the area.
-Built in flight assist. (Fly higher and faster than normal.)
-Articulated animated talk-jaw optionally responds to typing or voice-level.
-Bat "hanging upside down" sitting override
-Color change eyes (left/right or both)
-Avatar HUD GUI.

*The 'encryption' we use is silly. It's not even real encryption. Please don't send credit card numbers or passwords over it.

Luskwood avatars all are backed by:

- Free upgrades when we create a new version in the future.
- Free replacements if your avatar ever gets damaged or lost.

ABOUT LUSKWOOD: We are the originators of the furry avatar on SL, and have been creating in SecondLife(TM) for over five years. Luskwood Creatures, our avatar line, is SecondLife's longest running resident-run brand.

Experience and Trust: With over 35,000 individual customers, active customer service (Just contact us in world, or email us from our website), free upgrades and free replacements if your avatar ever gets damaged, customer service is one of our strongest philosophies. We support our products, and we aren't an online company that you have to worry about disappearing tomorrow.

Luskwood Creatures - Original Creators of the Furry Avatar on SL since 2003.

©2011 Luskwood®, LLC. - - - visit for more information.

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  • Extending animated wings on flight, with flight enhancer.
  • Articulated animated talk-jaw responds to voice or typing.
  • Sonar screen shows heading, and other bat avatars in the area.
  • "Encrypted" BatChat to talk to other bat avatars.
  • Eye states and other avatar options controlled through HUD/GUI.

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Worth it!

掲載済み 2016/01/18 : FredrikWerder 5 星

I was looking for some furry avi when suddenly this appeared on my searching results. I was wondering why there are no opinions on this avi. I wasn't even sure if it will work properly (bugs etc). But when I finally got it, I totally felt in love with this avi! When I attached Small Furry AO to it and customized properly, it was so cute I gained attention immedietly! People had some questions, so maybe in the future there will be more of us!

However I found only one minor thing that bothers me. Eye state "nearly closed" often shows white eyeballs in certain poses/situations. If this happens, I have to catch eyes when they are looking down, then it works as it should. It is really nothing and does not impact to quality of product.

In conclusion if you want some cute bat avi, it is the best choice you can make. Wonderful job.

Bats of SL, Unite!

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Luskwood Creatures
Luskwood Creatures
販売元: eltee Statosky

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