*M n B* Shopping trolly (meshbox)

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Shopping trolly (1prim, land impact 4)

DAE download: https://sellfy.com/p/I1GR/
3D view: http://p3d.in/AKTrE

mesh model (mod, copy, transfer)
uv templates (mod, copy, transfer)
ao maps (mod, copy, transfer)

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  • Great LOD
  • Low prim
  • Quality UV mapping

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I like it BUT....

掲載済み 2020/01/14 : miranda Sapphire 4 星

I really like this shopping cart and it's exactly as described (1Li etc.) however, what I don't like about it and I didn't realize it until after I purchased it is that there's no seat in it and for my project I need the seat so for that purpose, this card was basically useless. The other thing I didn't notice until after I purchased it was that there's no rack on the bottom to hold your goods (if you will). It's just a bar and again, that feature was also important for my project. The card is also a little "blocky" for it being mesh but I could still work with that. All in all this is a good shopping cart and I can still use it. Just not for the project I'm currently working on.

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M n B Warehouse by plaggy
M n B Warehouse by plaggy
販売元: Marley Blogfan

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