Scroll Mail System HUD バージョン 1

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This thing is a blast!

This system lets you leave a beautiful mesh scroll out with a customized wax seal.
It can be set so a specific person or group member can activate it.
If they are not allowed to activate it they will get a message saying to stop touching it.
If they are allowed then the scroll will unfold and offer them a copy of the notecard inside.
If "Die after Give" is set the scroll will then self destruct in a particle fire with cool charring FX.
If not set then it will roll itself back up and wait for the next person to touch it.

The scroll itself is not transferable.
The message you are passing along is the notecard inside.
This allows for "secret" communications and fun role play.

The scroll has several options available through both the HUD & The Scroll.Config Notecard that you use to set up a basic blank "Template" scroll.
This will have your color seal and Monogram and all the settings done.
All you have to do then is change the notecard message, put a name on it or set it to group, and wait for someone to touch it.

Perfect for passing out quest clues or one time uses like magic spells.

The scroll object is 5 LI high detail mesh and is fully modifiable.

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  • Fun magical role play
  • particle fire effects
  • can be set to a person or a group
  • fun flaming self destruct
  • 100% High detail mesh

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Nano Station Technologies NaS-T
Nano Station Technologies NaS-T
販売元: Artorius Constantine

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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