Mainlander SUV v2.3 with GTFO! Cargo Crate (Boxed) バージョン 10.3

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This fun to drive vehicle has been specially designed for SL mainland roads. Indeed, nothing will surpass its ability to stay on roads or climb hills and mountains and master challenging terrain. It is very popular for GTFO! and all terrain racing.

And now (December 12, 2019) it has been up-dated and for 2020! Improvements include new and larger tires for even more robust road stance and geometry, scripting for NTBI fuel at gas stations, new colorization, one less prim loading (now 17), and scripting advances for vehicle handling.

Importantly, this very popular vehicle uses my own original vehicle script written by me. There are similar looking jeepster-style vehicles, but none have my original vehicle and wheel scripts, nor do they have the vehicle geometry I designed for the vehicle.

This vehicle is popular with those who play the GTFO! Freight Delivery Game. So, of course it is a GTFO! approved vehicle. The GTFO! VAPI code is: LLJEEP

The specifications are: Jeep | Capacity: 1 Crate (10 FU) | Overhead: G$0 per kilometer.

To make things easy for for those in the GTFO! group this very special vehicle is GTFO! ready with the api script loaded and ready to go There is already a GTFO!LLJEEP box and api script in the root prim. Just be sure you are wearing the GTFO! HUD you purchased from GTFO! and are close nearby at GTFO! HUB location on the mainland.

There is a special cargo box installed that works with the GTFO! HUB. It will load and unload as you accept and deliver freight assignments. When you rez the vehicle there will not be a visible cargo box. Watch the cargo appear automatically when you accept a load from GTFO! It will disappear of course when you deliver the cargo at its destination.

The driving parameters have been carefully tuned for success on mainland roads and even the most surprising off-road challenges with stability on steepest hills and even rock climbing to offer maximum success completing the most challenging delivery assignments. Indeed, this Mainlander is unique, like no other SL vehicle in its capacity to stay on the road and upright, so you can make your deliveries as you planned. Many residents use it to win in racing competitions.

The over the road speed has an eight speed transmission (8 forward gears or speeds and one speed in reverse) so you can choose to travel at a reasonable speed without going so quickly that you go off the road easily or begin flying as you go over hills or rough terrain. Use the on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows on your viewer to change the gear speeds. You will see a chat message telling you the gear numbers as you change them. The gears increase or decrease speed 5 mph with each gear change (use the jump up and down - page up/down - arrows to do this).

The steering has been carefully tested so as to avoid quirky over sensitivity for successful freight deliveries and grid drives. This allows for a more normal highway driving feel, yet the turning radius is sharp enough so you can get out of small spaces more easily.

There are seats for two passengers, one can sit in the passenger seat with right arm holding the roll bar hand grip. The second passenger sits on the cargo crate looking forward, playfully kicking feet at times and looking from side to side at the scenery as you travel the roads. The headlights feature touch controlled spotlights that illuminate the road ahead. To see them be sure to activate the SL Advanced Lighting System in your viewer preferences and then just turn the lights on and off using the touch buttons in the center of the vehicle dashboard.

If you need a better match up with the scale of your avatar just use my touch to resize script. If you have an unusual fit problem just contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Enjoy the wonders and creativity you will find as you drive your new Mainlander throughout the SL mainland or wherever your delivery plans take you.



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  • Specially designed and tested for success on mainland roads and off-roads
  • Steering adjusted for well controlled turns, 10 forward gears for ideal speeds
  • Wheel size and ground clearance designed for winding rough roads
  • Front wheels turn, all rotate, hands move on steering wheel
  • 3 engine sounds: drive forward, idle, and reverse engine with beep beep warning

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PERFECT Vehi...cle for GTFO and Driving/Handling
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2018/08/18 : Saoirseheart

I drive over regions and really put a vehicle to the test. This doesn't do those loopy things a lot of vehicles hold the road steady and tight....really hugs it. I bought one as a gift for a friend I love it so much [and I can be pretty cheap so....]. Being GTFO equipped is SUPER too, no need to modify the vehicle. Grab your GTFO HUD and roll with this one...good off road too though I recommend a ban line HUD if you do that!! I took this jeep up and over a couple hills on the mainland...SWEET!!

Great Vehicle! Fun and Handles Well
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2018/07/26 : Crim Mip

So I guess I'm writing the first review. The short version is Buy it!. At the price, it's so much better than any ACS scripted vehicle I've driven that it's a no brainer. Even if you don't do GTFO this is a great vehicle, It's mod so you can get rid of the crate if you want. Otherwise, this handles incredibly well, crosses sims incredibly well (even at higher speeds), and looks good doing it. It doesn't have working dash instruments, but how often do you actually use those. If you just want to hop in a vehicle and have fun exploring the Linden roadways, I can't think of a better choice than this. The Logistar box truck is very similar in scripting and also highly recommended if that's more your style. Better yet, get both.




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