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This is a box of free things intended to go with the Avatar Toolbox, a website about making custom avatars. The box has several free animation overriders, some invisiprims, a couple of sample attachments, and a bunch of other stuff inside. Each box is dated, so if there's a more recent one available you're missing out.

The current version: January 15, 2008



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掲載済み 2009/04/12 : JDVegas Dreadlow 5 星

Can't beat it, it is great! Free too? Nice.

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掲載済み 2007/08/31 : Grafix Writer 5 星

I can't say enough about these packs. I'm currently using this Noise pack to build an elaborate waterfall and a little creek that winds and twines around a mountain. You can easily speed up or slow down the movement, and change the tint color to match your landscape. I give it 5 stars!

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Storm Thunders

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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