Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (London Fog, free color) バージョン 2

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This item is version2
On 4/18/2016 all Luminous Mesh Eyes were updated to v2.


Please visit Mayfly in world to see all the beautiful colors of our Luminous Mesh Eyes, where I have them conveniently arranged by color spectrum and light/dark value. ;)

Or follow this easy, short-link to redirect to a full Marketplace listing of all Luminous Mesh Eyes arranged alphabetically:

Deluxe mesh eyes from Mayfly with so many scripted features and options, all available by HUD:
- 29 preset sizes for easily-sized, perfectly-matched eyes
- 7 In/Out adjustment settings
- 15 Up/Down adjustment settings
- 3 pupil sizes
- 15 cornea reflection choices (variations on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light reflections)
- 7 shadow options (shadow appears across the upper half of the whites, no shadow + 6 values)
- Full Bright toggle
- 5 optional glow settings + 27 optional glow tints
- Mirror All setting that flips the texture so the reflections and shadows come from the other side
- Mirror Just Reflections horizontally flips only the cornea reflections
- Get Settings button to send the most important current settings to your chat
- Irises are 5% smaller than on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light eyes
- Mesh eyes only, alpha mask required, no system eyes
- Each color comes with 4 different whites
- Free Luminous settings transfer hud available here on MP or in world at the main store so you can easily copy your settings over to additional Luminous eye pairs

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  • Scripted Mesh Eyes with HUD
  • multiple pupil sizes (3), 15 cornea reflections, 7 shadow levels
  • 4 eye whites
  • 29 preset sizes for easily-sized, perfectly-matched eyes

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Perfect Eyes

掲載済み 2014/11/14 : LauraGenia Viper 5 星

I tried this free copy. Wow! They are amazing and the customization options are great. I think the revewer above, pretty blue, may not have fully explored the possibilities, because there's plenty of depth for the whites....4 different eyes included for coloring of the white, plus shadow options. The luster is unbeatable! I bought a pair, and plan on extending my Mayfly eye collection. I definitely recommend trying them for yourself.

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掲載済み 2014/09/23 : Miyushu Babii 5 星

I've been in SL since 2007. For me SL is part of my RL and therefore, I prefer a more "realistic" view of how my avatar looks. I found one pair of eyes that I loved and wore for many years until I discovered Mayfly eyes. When the Deep Sky and Liquid Light mesh-menu driven eyes came out, when mesh first came on the scene in SL. It took me a little time to get familiar with how the menus worked, since I was used to just "wearing" regular eyes, but after a bit of practice I became a pro and never looked back. What I liked most about these eyes was the ability to adjust the size of the iris within the eye socket, which really lends to a better avatar appearance. Many people get system eyes that are too big for their sockets or too small depending on the avatar shape. I have "collected" many colors of the Deep Sky and Liquid Light versions. AND THEN Mayfly evolved with their Luminous line of Mesh-Menu driven eyes. And WOW! The menu has more features than ever before! There is a "link" option that allows you to edit the eyes, with the menu options, by connecting both eyes at the same time so what you adjust on one eye will adjust on the other. UNLESS you want to get creative and wear different colored eyes or apply different features, such as reflections, shadows, which the 1st generation eyes have BUT aside from the link feature you can check the settings in local chat to see which eye has what feature or size AND you can change the size of the pupil, there are three sizes!!! You can mirror the reflections, select tinted reflections too. If you're on the creative side and are heavy into RP and your character lends itself to a unique look, you can make each eye have different features and if you get a second colored pair of eyes, you can wear one of each color! The variety of how you can adjust your eyes is virtually endless. This pair is free and a great way to practice with the menu! Get a pair today and you might find you may "see" SL through a different set of eyes!

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Store Brands: Mayfly | Windsong | Ephemeral Neko
販売元: Arkesh Baral

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