MST Choreo HUD Director Edition 4.2 バージョン 4.2.0

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(NEW For March 2020): Director Edition is now out of beta and available for general purchase!

This general purpose choreogrpahy HUD contains all of the features and speed of our Dancer Edition product, plus exclusive features for choreographers building timed live performances in second life.

This Director Edition HUD allows you to visually create sequences of tightly timed commands. Within the HUD, you schedule specific commands for various groups of performers, and then rapidly test them, all without having to constantly adjust notecards. Only save notecards when you are satisfied with the results! We believe this is the fastest way to hone your performance in second life.

The Director edition also lets you quickly find and access common features of nearby MST mover gadgets for scripted movement of avatars and objects, for your convenience.

If you are a user of Metaharper Show Tools, this Director Edition HUD will be very familiar to you, as it uses the exact same eventlist notecard format, and the notecards it creates can be used interchangably with your MST performance engines, if desired.

For more information see online documentation at:

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  • All features of MST ChoreoHUD Dancer Edition
  • Visually create, edit, and run choreography timelines
  • Manage MST performance engines, movers, and other tools
  • Share permissions with collaborators
  • Gobs of extra high end features, see online doc feature page.

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