ON SALE! Mote Remote! One-click particle script generator with remote control - Stuff no HUD can do バージョン 2.0

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Our sale cuts the price of this software down to just a few bucks. Mote does more than we have room to describe here, so take a look at http://www.paladinpinion.com for the whole scoop. If you want fast, automated, easy particle scripts with professional-level power, there's nothing else like Mote anywhere. We know because when we couldn't find it, we wrote it!

☞ == Fast and Easy == ☜
Mote is designed for both experienced scripters and beginners. For advanced users, Mote provides the fastest, easiest way to generate Second Life particle scripts, full of shortcuts and quick tricks. For newcomers, Mote presents in-depth documentation and contextual-based Help Text to get novices up to speed. Mote creates scripts automatically and comes with ready-made particle presets for instant use. Because it's real software it can do far more than any in-world gadget, and it runs on all popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Mote imports common particle scripts, auto-completes and translates vectors, radians, degrees, and colors, and creates any of 5 different kinds of particle scripts with a single click. Start with one of Mote's 44 presets or just experiment!

☞ == MOTE 2.0: MOTE REMOTE! == ☜
No more copying and pasting, you don't even need to open a script editor. Just drag the provided script into your prim, and as you tinker with settings you'll see your prim change in-world immediately. Because it's remote controlled, you can even change a prim's particles without being logged in to SL.

And then there's playlists: groups of scheduled particle settings that run from your computer without any supervision. Playlists are great for automated, dynamic particles at live music events, dances, or performances. Or use a playlist as a cue sheet and change particles on demand with a click. Fire a canon, explode a prim, or set the stage on fire at your command.

☞ == For Learners: Mote Teaches! == ☜
Besides being the handiest way for the pros to generate particle systems, Mote is specifically designed as a learning tool for beginners, with lots of instructional text to get you up to speed. Mote's Help menu opens the professional PDF documentation, which will teach you all about how particles work in clear language. Mote doesn't assume you already know what all those parameters mean -- or even what a parameter is. And if you aren't into reading docs, just point at anything on screen and Help Text appears to explain what each option does.

☞ == For Pros: Mote Enhances == ☜
By default, Mote creates the smallest possible scripts without any useless lines, saving on script memory. If the parameters aren't needed, they aren't in there. Or use the option that creates only the particle syntax when replacing or adding to the scripts you're writing. With Mote 2.0 you can also generate a complete template for those times you want to tweak things in-world. Or opt for the tiniest possible numeric script whre there's not a constant in sight.

☞ == For everyone: Stuff no in-world gadget can do! == ☜

* Play particle scripts remotely from your computer whether you're logged in or not
* Automate particle changes with a schedule you set up
* Import common SL particle scripts from files or the clipboard
* Save your work to disk and reload it later, safe from SL server glitches
* Choose colors using the color picker; Mote translates them to SL vectors
* Choose angles using either radians or degrees; Mote translates for you
* Use the Angle Visualizer to see where particles will travel
* Create five different types of scripts in four different styles according to your needs
* Work with any of the 44 presets for common particle systems
* Popup menus provide quick entry of common script values
* Use any of Mote's built-in particle textures, or provide your own
* Auto-copy scripts. You'll never drag and select again.
* Automatic vectors. Mote can make a vector from any number you type. No more tedious angle brackets.

There's so much more. See all the details here: http://www.paladinpinion.com/mote

No more HUDs, prim-heavy control boards, giant script templates, waiting on the servers. No more guessing what everything means. Just a clean, fast interface and lots of convenience.

The prim count in this listing is for the rotating crystal that delivers your purchase information. Mote is computer software you will download from the web site.

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  • Generate different types of particle scripts with one click
  • See changes in real time without ever opening a script editor, no copy or paste
  • Playlists! Automatic, timed particle changes, perfect for dancefloors, theater
  • Imports most SL scripts, saves scripts safely right on your own computer
  • Auto-translates degrees, radians, vectors, and colors with convenient shortcuts

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Works excellent!

掲載済み 2013/04/29 : Sara Nova 5 星

Works exactly as advertised. I've been looking for a good, easy-to-use particle editor for a while, and I've finally found it.

Here's two feature suggestions:
1. Add the ability to use the system color picker to choose colors
2. Add the ability to make custom script templates, e.g. http://pastebin.com/rZXi1qqw

Thanks for such a great product!

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掲載済み 2012/09/05 : iCade 5 星

This is perfect and absolutely newbie friendly to boot!
The presets are wonderful and everything is explained so thoroughly it's easy peasy to make new particle effects from scratch!
Thanks for this incredible programm!

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