Native American Aesthetic Tattoo Full Set

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This tattoo is for Aesthetic Body only, if you do not have Aesthetic body do not buy this item.

The tattoo is a full Native American set. Please look at the pictures. It features a wolf with two native Americans on the chest, a dram catcher with a paw print on the left arm, and native woman with bear clothing on the right arm.
It comes with three Huds for maximum detail and will work better with three.

The second hud is for the hands which is a Native with head dress the second has a Native skull with head dress.

The third Hud is for the legs one leg has a native riding a horse the other is a skull with a headdress.

it works better with three different Huds and you can also wear them separately or with other tattoos. Simply put one Hud on first apply, then the second apply and then the third apply it and you have the entire set.

This tattoo is extremely high detail.

If you like it please rate it.

Thank you so much!

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  • Full Tattoo Set
  • Native American
  • Landmarks
  • Notecards

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Solas' Designs
Solas' Designs
販売元: ForsakenHeadBanger

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