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Sc-ifi jacket for "Kemono avatar".

2 version for:
1. "Fitted Kemono Torso"(Only Busty version!!!) (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fitted-Kemono-Torso/8351902)
2. Base kemono avatar(flat basic torso) (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Kemono/6070005)

3D preview:
uv and textures for modding:

if you have troubles with Busty version - check this slider:

1.1 adder more in readmy, fixed wrong normal map on back



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Awesome jacket. Could be better, but still awesome.

掲載済み 2019/07/01 : Rina Rinkitink 4 星

Love this jacket. LOVE IT. There a couple of things the creator could do to make it even better tho.

The thing people gonna notice first is that it has these big, loose cuffs around the arms, but right inside the cuff there are no faces, so unless your arms are always pointed down, people gonna be staring into those armholes. Best way to fix this is to have the cuffs extruded inward a little bit, then flatten it off with a single face inside. Not too many more polygons and you don't have those big obvious holes.

The other thing people might not notice just by looking at it, but the jacket uses a lot of textures. I counted fifteen textures, all but a couple were 1024x1024. That's WAY too many big textures. And the textures it has are mostly blank. All that blank space is just eating up video memory and bandwidth. They could probably have combined all the textures onto one or two 1024x1024s. Just by arranging the textures in the UV so when you combine them onto one texture none of them overlap. At the very least, you can stretch the UV out so it uses the whole texture space, then shrink the textures itself down to the right proportions manually in Photoshop after you've baked them. And some of the textures, like the patches, could be way smaller. Try shrinking textures down as much as you can until you can actually notice the loss in pixels. For small things like the arm patches you could go down to a 256 or even a 128 before you could even see the difference. Less textures=less lag and happyfuntime framerates.

Anyway, most SL content got the same problem so I'm not gonna take off too many stars for that. Just putting it out there so they can make even more awesome stuff in the future.

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Amazing! Thank you.

掲載済み 2019/06/10 : BlackSoraNeko 5 星

I have a hard time finding decent cyberpunk items for kemono, so thank you so much for making one nicely detailed. I'm in hype for Cyberpunk 2077 as well, so this is a big yes for me.
Had a little bit of trouble finding a top for opened flat jacket that doesn't clip too much, but there are a few around. Much appreciated again for your work.

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<Nerox> Hi-Tech store
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