OC0030 Ocacin Voluptuous Bento Fitmesh Body V1 C/M バージョン V1

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Best of both worlds, between hourglass and curvy shape, a large line of clothes, satisfaction, and money-back guaranteed.

SLUV: You can apply your existing skins (apply any skin, tattoo and system clothes without needing any applier using Bake On Mesh

BoM (Bake on Mesh) Compatible

MELI IMAKO CLOTHES COMPATIBLE: Works with almost all Meli Imako clothes, hundreds of thousands of contents

MELI IMAKO MAP SHOES COMPATIBLE: Works with all Meli Imako MAP High Heel Shoes

BENTO HANDS: Comes with 13 pre-loaded hand animations

TATTOO LAYER: Comes with Tattoo Layer

4 ADD-ON FEET: Flat Feet, Mid Feet, Killer Feet and MAP Feet v2 All optional feet are using SL UV Map.

COPY/MODIFY: You can change any attribute on the edit menu as you wish, add new textures, change colors

STRATEGICALLY PLACED ALPHA FACES: Many strategically placed faces

ALPHA HUD: To show and hide parts of the body for better fitting

FITMESH: Please wear the shape which comes in the package, then you can edit your shape any shape you like as you would do with your regular classic avatar

INCLUDES MAPS: Included all source maps (UV, textures) you can create your own skin and details

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HEADS: Even though it is not tested with all available heads, it should be compatible with all heads whether classic or mesh

COMES WITH INSTRUCTIONS: It includes all the instructions you need

- Bento Body
- Bento hand animations and poses
- Tatoo Layer Add-On
- Flat Feet, Mid Feet, Killer Heel Feet, MAP Feet v2 Add-Ons
- Alpha HUD
- Special Shape, IMPORTANT Make sure you wear the Shape first then adjust your shape to your liking.
- Full body alpha
- Skin texture map and UV map
- Instructions



  • Ladies Bento Rigged Mesh Body
  • Bento hands and animated included.
  • Alpha Hud Included
  • SL UV Supported
  • Meli Imako Clothes Compatible

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Not bad for the price.

掲載済み 2019/04/21 : Velk Kerang 5 星

Not bad for the price. I bought it to see if I wanted to get the full perm version or not to make a custom avatar for a friend to start off with. The skin it has is nice, but only comes with one skin. I would have thought it would have at least the choice of 4 different skin tones. Other issue is it needs to have a neck blender included with this package that you can attach with it I would say should be something similar to the one Niramyth uses if you want to use your classic head with the body. Other wise you have that classic line on the neck everyone hates.

Finding clothes will be a hit or miss with this body as well too. Since I don't really have female clothes I bought a swim suit I wasted money on for a Maitreya thinking I should be able to tweak the body while dressed without worrying with Alphas and all the goodies were popping out. lol Even the clothes I grabbed up they sell in the store here I had that same issue with. May have better luck with fitted mesh, but I don't know since I am not wasting anymore money on a test avatar.

Over all it's not bad work. Very nicely done. They just need to add a few more skins to it and a neck blender and I'd personally say it's a completed product for the price. Giving it a 5 star rating mainly because despite what it lacks in it is still is a mesh body of decent quality. So on that job well done. If you can make your own tats and skins I say give it a shot. :)

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Not bad for a first pass

掲載済み 2019/01/20 : SparElric 3 星

The seams need refining. They're easy to spot and the skin for the lower part really doesn't blend with the feet too well. Plus I'm not a fan of the toes. Sorry.

I do like the shape of the breasts and the leg shape's nice too.

Overall, I do like it and I hope to see more goodies for it in future. As is? It just feels unfinished.

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  • Icon clothing クラシックおよびメッシュアバターで作業する 詳細
  • 4.3 星 レビュー (23)

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