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Updated 23 Sep 2008 to version 1.2 to allow builds to move to 4096 meters in height and now uses an improved and lossless rotation calculation.

* Move and rotate large unlinkable builds as if they were linked - Sim-wide
* Store and re-rez whole buildings and their complete contents
* Object Rez Error Checking helps prevent incomplete rezzing in high lag areas
* API Support allows multiple builds to be rezzed from one Locus as needed
* Full permissions - Use to distribute your own builds
* Automatic updates

*Snap: Snaps the anchor (the Locus itself) to a whole number grid and rotates it to zero rotation. Handy if you're the type of builder who builds to the grid and likes everything mathematically neat.
*Store: Sends a command to the prims containing the 'Rez Child' script to store their positions and rotations relative to the anchor. They will store this data in the description field of each linked set.
*Rez: Causes all objects inside of the Locus to be rezzed and move into their stored positions and rotations.
*Check: Checks that parts from inventory are rezzed and tracking.
*Reset: Will reset all Rez Child scripts in all parts, resetting their stored vectors and rotations.
*Set: Deletes child scripts, meaning the build will no longer follow the Locus. This command will ask for confirmation.
*Delete: Deletes all prims containing the 'Rez Child' script. This command will ask for confirmation.

** DO NOT SELECT DELETE... If the objects inside the Locus are NOT COPYABLE. The Locus can and will rez no-copy items, but the originals will NOT remain in the Locus after Rez.

1. SET THE ANCHOR DOWN. Place a fresh Rez Locus anchor near your build. One Locus can control child parts anywhere in the same sim. It will NOT work on parts that are over a sim border. Click the Rez Locus. From the pop-up dialog select 'Snap' if you want to snap and rotate the Locus to grid.

2. PLACE A REZ CHILD SCRIPT INTO EACH LINK SET. It is best if you have linked your build into as few large pieces as possible. Items such as doors, flexible objects, phantom objects and others that need to move or have special attributes should not be linked to the body of the build.

Each linked set and unlinked prims will need a copy of the 'Rez Child' script inside it, which you can find inside of the Locus itself. If a linked set or prim does not get this script in it, it will NOT move with the Locus anchor.

"Rez Locus Child Script Inside" will appear in hovertext over the object once you drop the script in to let you know that it has been scripted. If you accidentally drop a child script into a non-root prim, it will warn you.
The Rez Child script will append each part name with "." This makes for easier identifying of parts when they are taken into your inventory.

Some scripted items such as doors that set their own positions in use may have issues, and may require special handling. Refer to the creator's instructions for these items.

3. STORE PART POSITIONS RELATIVE TO THE ANCHOR. Click the Rez Locus. From the pop-up dialog select 'Store' - you will get messages from each part that has the 'Rez Child' script inside. Each set will also change the hovertext overhead to "Rez Locus: Tracking". This indicates that the positions and rotations are stored.

4. TEST. There are two ways to check that you are ready for the next step. If you know the number of link sets you have in total, select "Check" from the Locus menu. It will report how many parts are tracking the anchor. Or, you may rotate or move the Locus. The build will shuffle into the new position. This is when to look for parts that have not moved. Check these 'orphaned' parts for the 'Rez Child' script. If they are missing that script, move the Locus back to its previous position (control-Z will work) and repeat step 2 for the orphans, and step three to store again.

5. TAKE THE PARTS and LOAD THE LOCUS. Take all parts into your inventory. You may take the build as one object (by drag-selecting it at once, right-clicking and selecting 'Take'), or as multiple parts. The Locus will re-rez all objects inside of it when commanded to regardless. However, the Locus will only be able to verify the correct number of parts are rezzed and tracking the anchor if you take them individually. Place all of this inside of the Locus.

6. TAKE THE LOCUS. Your tech support magic words are 'I'm your boogie man.' If you are intending to use the Locus to distribute builds, you will have to remove the 'Rez Locus Update' script from inside of it.


1. SET THE ANCHOR DOWN. Place the Locus where you want the build. Beware of sim edges! Parts may move off-world and land in your lost and found folder or into adjacent sims where they will not move properly.

2. REZ THE PARTS. Click the L



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掲載済み 2009/02/10 : Cezka Straaf 5 星

Quite frankly, this thing beats the *CENSORED* out of the competition, it was updated to keep working with havok 4 wich i noticed was not the case for many other rezer manufacturers. i was not sure about omega's reliability but after trying out this tool i can safely tell anyone planing on buying one that it is worth it
guess you realy do get what you pay for.

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掲載済み 2007/12/30 : Helli Niven 5 星

5 stars + for this rezzer!!! Had my build packed and ready for sale within a few minutes. Easy to follow, simple instructions made this a breeze to use. I was looking around for a rezzer for this build and was leary of ever other one I saw until I this one. When saw April's name and Omega on it, I knew it would be a great product and it lived up to it :)

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The Omega Concern
The Omega Concern
販売元: April Heaney

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