PA-18 Super Cub Super Pack

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This super pack contains both models of PA-18 Super Cubs available from Laminar Systems!

==== Wheeled PA-18 =====
A excellent edition to any aviator's collection. The iconic Cub is known for docile behavior and ease of flight. This beautiful example is no exception, easy to fly for beginners but advanced enough for the old hands. This fully meshed model comes to you modifiable with PSD templates available for custom paints or even your own arrangements. The aircraft seats two with both a group and guest mode as well as copilot controls. Working instruments, custom sounds, custom animations, and much much more!

====== Amphibious PA-18 =====

Everything you've come to expect from the Laminar Systems line! Dynamic flight with top performance and excellent crossings now in the classic Amphibious Super Cub. Feel the plane come alive under you as you strap on for one of the most immersive aircraft in SL!



  • Laminar Flight Engine
  • Guest, group, and copilot control modes
  • Modable models
  • Custom animations and sounds
  • Advanced materials

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A bit iffy

掲載済み 2020/03/05 : AmChienLe 4 星

I agreed with the first review, the aircraft being essentially a very good build. However, IMHO, it was a bit problematic to work with and some panels could probably fit better.

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Great flight characteristics

掲載済み 2019/10/19 : NoahTruth 4 星

This is probably the best looking STOL aircraft that I have found so far. After purchasing it I was very pleased with the flight characteristics. Unfortunately the size of the aircraft is small and can not be resized at this time. However, I have spoken with one of the members of the team that built this and he has assured me that they are working on several updates, one of which is the ability to resize the aircraft. And there are third-party mods available that give it even more realism and additional flight characteristics that aren't available for other aircraft of this style. Once these updates are implemented and distributed to owners, this will undoubtedly be the best STOL aircraft for any avatar in SL. If you can't wait, have fun and build a smaller avatar and take to the skies!

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Laminar Systems
Laminar Systems
販売元: Tank Kwaszes

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