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Hello thank you for your interest in these boots,


Fit only:
Male bodies: Gianni, Jake, Aesthetic and Legacy
Female bodies: Freya, Lara, Hourglass, Nana and Legacy

I needed some arabic looking boots to complete the atlas outfit, that was their main purpose but I added an extra size to fit dune rider's pants (which I tagged 4pants, but they are totally meant for those specific pants)

Just one size for the ladies, for now, I didn't include a version for pants because I have no target of which kind of pants the boots may fit (yet)

The usual customization options, 5 leathers, 5 metals for the buckle, the socks fabric is divided between upper and lower sock, 10 colors there.

Andddd nothing else, I hope you like em!
Pucca Firecaster

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掲載済み 2022/04/15 : Yukinoroh Kamachi 5 星

This product rules, for the following reasons:
- It originates from a different product of which builder decided to break it out. This is a real gift for people who like cutomizing avatars, as not only does it allow you to mix it with other outfits, it also allows you to buy just what you need. Kudos for having that generosity.
- Maker thought of people wearing it with or without trousers.
- It is moddable and thus hand-tintable, and all parts have a white-ish fabric for that purpose. Perfect to match it with other pieces of clothing.
- There is even a resizeable version included in the pack, in case the other versions don't fit your avatar.
- Finally, the design is rare AND good. It particularly makes a statement, even when worn with non-fantasy outfits.
The only downside is that there is no option to resize only the upper sock part (without stretching the shoe), to adjust to pants that tapper a bit higher.
However, that can be worked around by wearing another resizeable object to cover the gap. No big deal!

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掲載済み 2021/12/13 : Caro Porta 5 星

soo perfect .... just perfect

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Pucca Firecaster's Creations
Pucca Firecaster's Creations
販売元: Pucca Firecaster

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