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-!!- If you purchase this free item for L0, you will get a landmark for easy and fast access to our Central Office, with a list of all available parcels, and another landmark to region Tristia, where you can see our parcels before you buy -!!-

--- Updated list of available land here ---

Thank you for your interest in Paradise World Estates!

- We have more than ten years of experience in Second Life, and now we provide land for your enjoyment.

- Our main goal is to make our customers happy.

- With the high-standard quality of our regions, we offer not only the land, but also all support you might need to build a place you can call home.

- Remember that you do not need a premiun account.

- Buying land with Paradise World Estates is easy, fast and safe.

- Dozens of parcels available: residential, commercial and breedables zones.

- Professional and modern management.

- Private islands without adjacent regions (less lag).

- Refund policy: 50% if there are more than five days remaining.

- Free moves within the estate.

- Low prices and low lag.

- Please, read The Covenant before buying.

Zone: Residential (breedables are allowed).

Rating: Adult

Bonus Prim: 20%


- 1600 sqm and 586 prims for only L$695 week (inner parcels)

- 4096 sqm and 1500 prims for only L$1595 week (seaside parcels)

- 4096 sqm and 1500 prims for only L$1745 week (corner parcels)

- 8192 sqm and 3000 prims for only L$2995 week (double parcels)

- 8192 sqm and 3000 prims for only L$3340 week (corner double parcels)

- 12288 sqm and 4500 prims for only L$4250 week (L-shaped corner (triple parcels))


- Check out where you can find an updated list of available parcels, our covenant and faq!

- Feel free to visit our Central Office at to see all available parcels, regions and zones!

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  • Affordable land
  • Residential parcels
  • Commercial parcels
  • Farming / Breedables parcels
  • Easy covenant, friendly management

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Paradise World Estates
Paradise World Estates
販売元: Paradise Genesis

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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