Personal Aura System (Ultimate) v9.20 バージョン Ultimate

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Thank you for your interest in the Personal Aura Sytem (Ultimate Version)

v9.20 released 7 March 2019

Come test a DEMO in our in world store!

Three Versions exist:
Original Light version:
Programmed to mesmerize towards the light.
Can be extremely white. Cannot do black well.
Designed for faeries, angels, zeus, god, healers, and any avatars that want to add a positive emotion to their avi's.

Darkside version: (see related products)
Programmed to mesmerize towards the dark.
Can be extremely black. Cannot be exremely white.
Designed for bloodlines, vampires, beasts, wolves, werewolf, furries, monsters, undead, lich, roleplayers, lycans, clans, goths, succubus, incubus, demons, and any avatars that want to add a dark feel to their avi.

* Ultimate version - Can switch between both dark and light.

The PAS has a menu system that allows you to mix your own colors in hundreds of combinations. It can also be conveniently set to rainbow mode, which randomly changes colors to create mesmerizing effects. It has 3 styles of auras to select from, 10 levels of opacity, and 9 different levels of brightness. It also has the ability to show the unique aura color of your avatar like my meditation balls do.

There are many ways to get the menu:
* 1) Type /7 MENU in chat.
* 2) Activate and use the newly included gesture (shift-F4) (Included from v9 and up)
* 3) In firestorm you can touch the aura from inventory when worn.
* 4) Click the P.A.S itself while you wear it. (this is the hard way since the P.A.S. is invisible :))
* 5) Click the included HUD button.

ON - Turns the PAS on.
OFF - Turns the PAS off.
Size - Offers a sub-menu by which you can resize the width (X) and the height (Y) of the aura.
Level - Offers a sub-menu by which you can select 9 different brightness settings of your PAS. *
Opacity - Offers a sub-menu by which you can adjust the transparency/opacity of the aura from 0-100 in 10 steps.
Style - Offers a sub-menu by which you can select 3 different aura styles: 'Glow', 'Radiant' or use 'Both' styles.
Inner Color - Offers a sub-menu by which you can mix your own inner aura color using the 3 primary colors. *
Outer Color - Offers a sub-menu by which you can mix your own outer aura color using the 3 primary colors. *
More - Offers a sub-menu where all the features hide that i didn't have room for in the main menu:
Load 1, Load 2, Load 3 - Load your configuration settings back.
Save 1, Save 2, Save 3 - Save your configuration to one of these spots for easy retrieval.
Help - Gives you a notecard with the API instructions.
Reset Aura - Will wipe out all configuration sets and resets the Aura.
Main - Go back to the main menu.

* Changing level - The brightness is controlled through levels 1 to 9, where 1 is very faint and 9 being the brightest setting.

* Changing colors:
Via the inner and outer color sub-menus you are presented with 3 primary colors red green and blue and 2 buttons of each color +10% and -10%. Select R+10 to add 10% more red, or B-10 to lessen the blue color in the mix. To get red, turn red up to 100 and lower the other 2 colors. To get purple, add some blue to the mix.

Heres a list of colors you could create, and many variants of them when you play around with the values for Red Green and Blue.

COLOR R G B values
black 0%, 0%, 0%
white 100%, 100%, 100%
red 100%, 0%, 0%
green 0, 100%, 0
blue 0, 0, 100%
lite blue 40%, 40%, 100%
yellow 100%, 100%, 0%
cyan 0%, 100%, 100%
magenta 100%, 0%, 100%
pink 100%, 50%, 75%
purple 50%, 0%, 100%
orange 100%, 40%, 0%

Etcetera :)

The 'Personal' button is located in the inner and outer color menus and sets the inner/outer color to show your unique avatars color, like the aura meditation balls do. This color is based on your unique avatar uuid and will never change during its lifetime.


v9.1: Added 3 save slots to load en save configuration sets.

v9.0: Darkside Aura version was born. (the same new features are incorporated in the original version).
Added Resize menu for bigger avi's like beasts.
Added Opacity settings to make the aura more thick and inky.
Added gesture control using the existing group api and included some basic gestures.
Added demonstration relay object and open script to package.

v8.31: Fixed some minor bugs where the aura would pop up the menu when controlled by the API, or whispered a debug message.

v8.3: Added Relay commands API for dance groups or use by gestures. Makes it easy to change the settings through a relay or chat commands.

Feel free to IM me with any questions, suggestions or concerns.
~Trail Lauridsen.

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  • Menu Driven - Chat, Gesture or HUD controlled.
  • NEW! Can now save/load your preferences.
  • NEW! 10 Levels of Opacity settings.Brightness
  • 9 Different Levels Of Brightness, 3 styles.
  • NEW! Resizable to fit a wide range of dark avatars.

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