* PiXeL pUsS * Clawed Feet 8 SHADES! (from Light to Dark)

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Clawed Feet with 8 shades from White to Dark. Allowing you to match your feet practically to any skin you will ever buy! Just follow the instructions on how to simply tint your feet within minutes! All copyable and modifiable! The limits are endless!

Perfect for orcs, goblins, demons, kobolds, imps or any other clawed creatures you can come to think of.



  • Expertly sculpted Clawed Feet with realistic Textures!
  • Comes in 8 shades from white to dark! Allowing you to match your skins perfectly
  • Instructions on how to match your feet perfectly to any of your skins!
  • Limitless possibilities of colours!
  • Shiney claws, or matt finish claws! Your choice!

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They look good but just kind of wide

掲載済み 2017/12/09 : Fae Sapphire 4 星

They look as they do on the photo to me, I wear them with a tattoo layer that came with some other foot claws but they don't fit the av. that I want to use this with, so I don't have to worry about matching the color both the tattoo and the feet I made black. The only thing is they are kind of wide I might try to down size them and see how that gos, they would be better if they came in narrow as well.

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They are okay

掲載済み 2013/05/07 : Nytmoon 3 星

I needed some clawed feet to replace some digi-legs with clawed feet on one of my forms. I've been struggling with these though. I love the front of them -- the claws, etc. I do not like where they meet the ankle though. As another reviewer said, they do look much cuter in the picture. I was unable to get these to match my anthro's pink tone because the shading on them was too dark. So I really can't wear them. I'd recommend getting them for mid to darker range colors instead of lighter colors.In dark colors they would be great, I just unfortunately do have a darker form that needs clawed feet.

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販売元: Christina Longmeadow

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  • 3.75 星 4 レビュー

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