[Prim 3D] - Ultimate Rocks Set V1 "FULL PERM" バージョン Mesh

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100% Original Mesh - Ultimate Rocks Set V1

The Ultimate Rocks Set V1 comes with 12 rock meshes and 11 color textures for each rock, custom collision and LOD.
With this set you will be able to build a large amount of rock landscapes including, bridges, paths, rock walls, ladders, etc.

Prim Cost:

Based on standard out of the box sizes.

Rock_01: 2 LI - Size: X= 3m, Y= 2.7m, Z= 5.3m
Rock_02: 2 LI - Size: X= 3.5m, Y= 3m, Z= 5m
Rock_03: 3 LI - Size: X= 5m, Y= 3m, Z= 4.2m
Rock_04: 2 LI - Size: X= 3m, Y= 2.7m, Z= 4.8m
Rock_05: 2 LI - Size: X= 2.5m, Y= 2.2m, Z= 4.8m
Rock_06: 2 LI - Size: X= 3m, Y= 2.7m, Z= 4.1m
Rock_07: 2 LI - Size: X= 3m, Y= 3.5m, Z= 4.9m
Rock_08: 2 LI - Size: X= 5m, Y= 3m, Z= 2.8m
Rock_09: 2 LI - Size: X= 4.1m, Y= 4m, Z= 2.5m
Rock_10: 2 LI - Size: X= 4m, Y= 3.6m, Z= 1.3m
Rock_11: 2 LI - Size: X= 5m, Y= 4.5m, Z= 2.3m
Rock_12: 2 LI - Size: X= 4m, Y= 3.5m, Z= 2m

Pack Include:

- Rocks Meshes (12)
- Textures Sets (Diffuse/Color (11) + Normal + Specular + AO)

>> For optimal looking Advance Lightning and Material System in Viewer must be enable <<



You as customer are just able to use the content of this box as part of your creations.
You can't give any content of the box as single product even without full permissions.
Any bad use of the content of this box will be reported to Linden Labs about TOS infringement.

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  • 100% Mesh
  • 12 Rock mesh variations
  • Product made with Materials Maps
  • 11 Color texture for each rock
  • Custom LOD & Collision

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