Pro Par 64 Spots 4 channels

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Professional PAR 64 spots with copy permissions and 4 different channels. This means you can fill your club or stage with these lights and set them up just the way you want.
These spots are fading in and out and have different automated programs. Each channel can run a different program or they can all run the same program with a slight delay to each channel. (so they don't fade in / out at the same time)

Pro Par Spot | This is a single PAR 64 spot + arm default is channel 1
Pro Par Stand | A stand with 4 PAR 64 spots + arms. default is channel 1,2,3,4
Pro Par Controller | What you need to control the different channels. Can be used by owner only

When you rez a single spot you should select first the arm and then the spot before you start moving it. They are 2 different objects. They cannot be linked together!
If you move the spot up or down you select only the spot so the arm stays at the same spot. When you rotate the spot you should select both the spot and the arm. Ofcourse you can also move the arm to mount it against a wall or on the floor.
The complete par stand is using 9 different objects: 4 spots, 4 arms, 1 stand. So before you start moving it go in edit mode and select all 9 objects.

CHANGING CHANNELS: At the back of a spot there is a black square, if the owner touches this the spot is setup to the next channel, you see a message in local chat when you do this.

With the controller you have a menu for each different channels and one that controls all channels at once. These are the options:
- Light off, Light on
- Color: white, blue, yellow, purple, red, green, random
- Auto: effect 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Random color: every time after fade out the color is changed.
Effect 1: Fade in - wait 5 seconds - fade out - wait 5 seconds - repeat
Effect 2: Fade in - wait 2 seconds - fade out - wait 2 seconds - repeat
Effect 3: Fade in - wait 10 seconds - fade out - wait 2 seconds - repeat
Effect 4: Fade in - wait 4 seconds - fade out - wait 8 seconds - repeat
Effect 5: Fade in - wait 30 seconds - fade out - wait 2 seconds - repeat

When you choose the same effect for all channels there will be a delay on each channel. So for example when you choose effect 2 the spots will not fade in / out at the same time. This makes a much better effect.

- Pro par stand: 1 prim
- Pro par arm: 1 prim
- Pro par spot: 4 prims
- Complete stand: 21 prims
- Controller: 6 prims

The spots, stand and arms are sculpties with high resolution textures. They look very real.

If you need help or you have questions/comments please contact MissLeety ingame.

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  • 4 different channels
  • Looks very real
  • controller
  • copy permissions

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Worth every L$!

掲載済み 2013/02/01 : martin Terr 5 星

There are much out there, who seemed to be Equal. But mostly, they are more Expensive, dont offer such a detailed Product. And are simple out dated!
They are mostly only on SL Prim or / and Sculp. Result, too much uneeded Prims. Too, they use always Textures for all Effects. Including for such Spots always Present Phantom Lights and Group prim. So, for example, Danceballs are blocked. Hereby they arent.

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Bang for the Buck!

掲載済み 2012/07/10 : Dylan Serin 4 星

I run Lighting and Sound in real life, this set here is real nice and real basic, what I wanted. I Rated 4 Stars because of few reasons.
The fixtures should put out ambient light instead of just a beam, put the ambient in the beam and I'd be satisfied!
If I were to do a band on this, I would be slow on getting the lights to do what I wish, there is dialog menus that takes time to get what you want. MissLeety should have added programmable scenes. I think it should be a real looking console instead of a small control, I think there should be faders, and refer to the "channels" as "fixtures", then have multiple channels on the console to control the fixtures, the channels for the fixture should be like this; Channel 1: Red, Channel 2:Green, Channel 3: Blue, Channel 4, Strobe.
I also think there should be Dip Switches on the back of the fixtures that you can set the starting channel to.
If I didn't run lighting in real life, I think this set is perfect, the block on the back of the fixture to change the channel is neat.
Other then that, this set is great!
I would Team up with MissLeety to help make it more real, along with the other products.
If I couldn't Team up with MissLeety, I would pay 3,000L$ for the set FULLPERM so I could edit everything myself.

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Leety's Sound & Light
Leety's Sound & Light
販売元: MissLeety

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