.:[ RatzCatz ]:. NEON Sign Woman v2

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Thank You for your interest in .:RatzCatz:. Creations

And big Thank You to all who already bought my lovely Lady when she was still made of sculpt Maps.
I just still don't understand why people became too lazy to leave a few words for a review ... anyways ...

Because of this big interest I decided that she's worth for a new "Make Up" and send her to a
Beauty Salon
And Who expected that ? - she came back with a new sister..

While my 'Old' Lady takes seat on my desk again, her new sister loves to bath all day ... on my wall.

I reduced the menu - no colorchanging menu anymore.... I don't see the sense in there, as the
1. are modifyable - go into edit mode and give them the exact color you wish
2. the light animations offers color fading - there you get absoltuely every color you could imagine ^^

Have Fun. And Thank You again to chose .: RatzCatz :.


I tried to import all Marketplace/XStreet and inworld sales reports to the caspervend system for an easier redelivery and update service ... but it didn't work 100%ly. Try the Redelivery Terminal at Mainstore or the redelivery option here on the marketplace in your account. If nothing helps just send me an IM and ask for a date with me ;) *HAHA*



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掲載済み 2019/08/14 : sweetlatina25 5 星

Thank you ! Beautiful Neon Sign :)

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Color Menu Broken

掲載済み 2017/03/15 : Taylor Littlepaws 2 星

I purchased this, and the color changer is broken. I contacted the builder, and I will change this review if it is fixed!

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.:[ RatzCatz ]:.
.:[ RatzCatz ]:.
販売元: Alidia Loire

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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